my sister dropped by for a quick one hour visit today from california. she also brought with her a gold mine. said gold mine being a flash drive with 3,000 Gold and Gruber family photos and documents.

i've accomplished absolutely nothing today at all but a sore tushy from looking at all the photos and going, "ooh!" "ahhh!" and "why did they trim their beards like that again?"

some of my favorites:
grandma and grandpa gold, aunt linda, and mom (baby) Panama

mom riding "texas" their pinto horse in panama
grandma and grandpa's honeymoon- hunt in utah
grandma hamming it up in yellowstone (fake horse)
grandma's nursing school graduation- Pennsylvania

grandma and grandpa-newlyweds



Danna Banana said...

you are very welcome. Mom has the flash drive if anyone else wants to borrow it. And a mountain of KUDOS to aunt marsha. This flash drive represents thousands and thousands of hours. All of which have blessed our family.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I think you should print and frame that one of your mom on the pony -- so darling!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

What amazing and priceless pictures. The hunt, honeymoon picture is my favorite, for some reason.

Mark Ashurst-McGee said...

solid Gold

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