oh the irony

finally planning out and shopping for an entire week's worth of healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners at our expensive little grocery store (supply and demand my friends) only to turn on the stove and have it break. yup, the oven is broken too.

gloating over having a great pregnancy with hardly any weight gain only to explode within a 10 day period to official squiggytown. i'm the not pretty pregnant: squishy tummy with pant lines, huge tatas, love handles, jello arms, junk in the trunk and thunder thighs. oh my.

making fun over hairbrained people and then realize you forgot your prenatal appointment that you've had for a month. A MONTH. yes, i just screamed that part.

getting out all the furniture and picture frames outside that you want to paint, fill the laborious paint sprayer, get paint all over you and the ground and have it break before anything gets painted.

telling your church officials that yes, indeed you want, and are capable, to be in charge of two activities only to entirely drop the ball on both and make your partners do all the work.

planning on a fun trip to pick up your kindergartner at school and go to lunch and find your car battery dead.

check out a marriage advice book at the library to learn how to help your spouse do a better job in the relationship (hormones much?)d only to read the entire thing and realize that you are actually a large source of the problem. delightful.

brag that all my children take two naps until they are two, only to have my third fight like there's no tomorrow over only having one. i don't know if i have the energy and stamina to endure and get her tired enough for two. heaven help me.

abby helped me take the baby bump photo. here is all three of us at 21/22 weeks? i don't even know anymore. phoebe's napping.


Danna Banana said...

OMG. You aren't swimming in hormones at ALL.


You need a do-over.

And you look fabulous-shut up!

Toni said...

You do indeed look fabulous. stop all that negativity and enjoy the time you have left with just 3 kids. I really think you look good!!

Austrie said...

hahaha! Love it. and i agree with everyone else--you look cute.

Emily said...

By the looks of the look terrific!

I'm sure you are doing better than you think!

Have a great day!

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