the world would be perfect if everyone had a phoebe in their home
(look at those rubberband wrists!)

working on the irrigation ty found an excellent worm collection for the girls
 phoebe is so hard core in her work clothes
 pancakes in the morning
 seriously, what would my life be like without this love chunk?


Austrie said...

Phoebe! She's growin up! haha So cute...

my name is becky kelly said...

i seriously just stared at that first picture of phoebes for like 2 minutes. i don't think she could get any awesome-er

Emily said...

That first picture of your little angel is so ADORABLE!! You are raising some wonderful future mothers!

Good on ya!!

Have a happy day!

Melissa F said...

Awesome table! That will support a lot of family memories. Thank you so so much for the book title. You may be the person I need for support. Hearing babies crying in Walmart gets me choked up so Im nervous. Chase keeps telling me, Melissa you can't treat the baby like your dolly and sleep with him every night, he is going to be a man someday. (He actually says that) So...we need to invest some time in good sleeping habits. Thank you! Your the best.

Bowler Family said...

Phoebe is the cutest!! And has blue eyes!! She is only one who does, no?

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