a 6 year old world

lucy has found my camera.  i finally gave in and let her start taking pictures-and she loved it. i have to admit- it was nice to have her quiet and not complaining for a good half hour. but now i need to dig out the old one for her to use before she scratches my baby. 
but i thought her pictures weren't too shabby at all- and ty and i laughed at her view of the house.

don't worry- i'll show abby's soon too.


Danna Banana said...


Austrie said...

hahaha can't wait to see all your girls...and you...and ty again! I love the pic of phoebs. i'm rather looking forward to seeing her reaction upon my return ;)

Bowler Family said...

Look at all Phoebe's hair!! But maybe that is a regular amount of hair and Ella just doesn't have any. Her eyes are so pretty!!

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