day 3 of no tv= desperation

yesterday was not fun.

i hope to not repeat it today.

my only saving grace was a fun lunch date with a friend on our lawn.

but she eventually had to leave-but luckily it was nap time.

phoebe napped.

i napped.

i thought everything would be better after was worse.

but we perservered. there was no tv. 

i put all the kiddies to bed at 7- cleaned up & snuck into bed at 8:00 with A Streetcar Named Desire. read the entire thing, and tried to go to bed. I love Tennessee Williams but i didn't get a wink of sleep.  all night long i was thinking, "Stella!!!!!"  and trying to figure out why i was siding with Stanley? he reminded me a lot of Don Draper. so bad- yet so attractive. am i the only one?

but today is looking up already. we had green german pancakes and lucy was still trying to figure out how a leprechaun snuck into our kitchen when she got on the bus. we have another play date lined up- and i actually am celebrating st. patrick's day a little this year. a lot different then last year.

and here's a free craft i made so we weren't totally devoid of green in the house:
 oh my, a doily and decor? i'm totally domesticateded.

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my name is becky kelly said...

love it! will you email that to me? do i need to have your girls over to play tomorrow?

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