t i r e d

confession: i want to be a super mom. a go-get-em up at 6am with make-up on already worked out and cookies baking in the oven super mom.

in reality? i'm tired.

is this normal? tired all the time. falling asleep when i sit down to fold laundry sort of tired?

i always remember the story from my sister-in-law jill about 'pregnancy tired'. she was expecting either number 5 or number 6 and went to the restroom-and woke up with her head resting on the roll of toilet paper.

that is real tired.

i haven't done that yet- but i can't keep my eyes open after 8pm.

oh, and i'm cranky.

the baby likes to wake me up between midnight to 3am and perform it's own cirque du soleil routines.

and it doesn't help that ty installed a security light right outside my window- that seems to think moths and large gusts of wind count as intruders. i've had no sleep for 2 days in a row.

did i mention i'm cranky?

and hungry?

hungry and tired and cranky like a little wee baby. except, i'm the mom.

and when mom is tired she might just put both your legs into one pant hole and then tell you to take a nap.
nope- she's not wearing a skirt. poor phoebe is stuck into one leg of her goucho pants.


Lara said...

I feel the same way and I am not as far along as you! Tiny baby's drain everything out of you! Good luck finding a solution, I tossed and turned for hours last night, I don't ever sleep well when prego.

Deborah said...

It takes a lot of energy to grow a bellyful of baby!!!!

Anonymous said...

I fall asleep when trying to read a book to my kids and I have no excuse. My guess is that we all try to do too many things and don't even realize we r doing it. Chandra

angela michelle said...

Oh I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Pregnant tired is no joke. But I've never woken up with my head on a tp roll. :)

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