an april monday

the weather has returned to a normal april day, which means that the fair is over.

the girls are thoroughly worn out. ty and i didn't anticipate just how much they would want to do at the fair.  last time we went they were small enough that the piglets and bunnies and pony rides entertained them. those days are gone. on thursday and friday they wanted to go and go and go and go.

we planned on all staying home saturday, but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, thankfully, aunt taryn and cousins (and grandma and grandpa leavitt later) took them back up for us on saturday. hooray for family!   so while the girls feasted on hamburgers, had their faces painted, bunjee jumped up and down and ran all over the place, ty and i worked on the house.

the girls room is almost done! finally! i can't wait to take the final pictures after some painting and picture hanging.

as for the rest of the week, we are back to the normal routine of eating, cleaning, laundry, errands, bills, play dates and copious amounts of swinging.

and yes, my camera battery died right before lucy's dance recital at the fair.  i am such a good mom.

and yes, i forgot to check phoebe's diaper and she grudgingly sat in soggy pants for a few hours at the carnival. i really am such a good mom. seriously.

 some feathered friends on our walk last week
anyone know what they are?


That Girl in Pearls said...

This is such a sweet post. Ponies aren't enough are they? How sweet to have family help pull time and energy out of the sky when we run out of it, right?

Hope you have a wonderful day! Good luck on finishing the room. I'm sure they will Love it!

That Girl in Pearls

Anonymous said...

Oh do I know how you feel. We weren't up at the fair very much last year, but this year we were helping run the muttin bustin and I felt like it was our second home. Thankfully my dad was gracious and helped with the kids when they wanted to go on more rides and eat more treats. As for the birds they could be Chirping Sparrows. Here is a site that has picutes of birds that are found in Southern Nevada

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