the girls just left on a play date. now, i could do many things right now with my time. put away the clean laundry. get dinner started early so it's not a crazy rush. read my many books i have on my shelf, etc.

but here i am blogging. the good old insomnia bug has hit me again so i'm feeling a little dragging today. but all in all, can i tell you how fabulous i feel? i feel fabulous! this is the way i remember feeling with my first two babies. large, yet...comfortable. i feel so comfortable with how i look and feel and am happy with how well the whole pregnancy has been going. i bet i look as large as a blimp (i've had a lot of comments lately like.."any day now?") but i honestly feel so beautiful and confident. i'll take this deluded thinking any day! it's kind of crazy to think of how much work and drugs i had to take with phoebe- and this one...nada! granted, i'm not running any marathons or dancing the night away, but still. pretty awesome pregnancy and i'll take it!  (i hope you get how well things are going by counting the exclamation points)

i have lots of energy right now and determination to get things done. the bassinet is in the back of the car from grandma's house waiting for me to wash it's linens and get it ready. i have the kitchen and laundry room curtains to hem and the living room curtains to make. i have lots of trim that needs painting and froze meals that need making.

but danna has been in town the last few days and we've been busy visiting a ton. she graciously helped me tackle the girls' room. seriously, i cannot keep that thing organized and clean for the love of all that i hold dear.

what do you do to tackle insomnia?

lately i have been reading birth stories online.

and watching infomercials.
each one had me convinced in 15 minutes that i need this and this and this.
dang, those people are good.


Whitney Baldwin said...

I remember feeling that way when I was pregnant with Zach. Even though I was monstrous and had gained over sixty pounds (that was 6-0, oh yes) I still felt incredible and beautiful. Pregnancy is amazing. I am happy for you that this one is going so much better than your last.

I love me a good infomercial. I am such a sucker.

PS. Your girls are just beautiful. Just sayin'.

my name is becky kelly said...

hahaa, i was convinced that i wanted to get the "your baby can read" program this morning after watching the infomercial in our hotel! haha! oh, and the Zumba DVD set. thanks for checkin' on my momma!

angela michelle said...

Love it! So glad you're feeling healthy and strong. Hope you can ride this wave all the way home.

btw, I have now switched to your pizza dough recipe. There's a batch rising right now. So thanks!

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