seen and heard

our first blossom of the year

 "you're lap is getting smaller mommy"- abby

"DOWS!"- phoebe (cows/horses/goats)

lucy has had lots of friends come over to see her kitties. she is very good at showing them how to hold them, etc. but yesterday all 6 were out and dressed up in dolly clothes. hmmmm.

while doing the dishes the baby kicked me so hard that i let out a "oomph" and almost doubled over in pain. holy pancreas shot.

"there's a whole lot of straps going on there"- ty when seeing my gladiator sandals for the first time


Emily said...

I love your 'seen and heard' posts. Lucy sounds like such a sweet little mommy.

And hooray for healthy and STRONG babies in the womb.

Have a Wonderful Day!

angela michelle said...

good ones. I love husbands' fashion commentary. Good luck with your tai-bo baby.

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