a veritable smorgasbord

we started our weekend off early yesterday with a family night at the fair.

despite the blustery weather we stuck it out and enjoyed deep fried delicacies that have me questioning why we bought, tried, them in the first place? but it was fun. chocolate covered bacon? deep fried snickers bar?  but the strawberry banana kabob was awesome!

we are off again today to enjoy more food (ty says he wants to try the frog legs-yuck), some dancing and...the carnival! oh man, i hope i can survive.

saturday we [plan] to stay home and tackle our to do lists.

here's to a great weekend.

abby and wonka (a.k.a. the bunny assassin)

ps- pickles had 6 kittens yesterday and the girls are in heaven. some funny stories on that later.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than fair food. I could eat fair food all weekend long, that is if I were a millionaire... that stuff's expensive!
Sooo, are you giving away any kittens? I'd love to surprise Rich with one ;)

my name is becky kelly said...

i did get my funnel cake today :) AND i even shared! I've been singing "the fair is a veritable smorgasbord-orgasbor-orgasbord" all day.

Terril Family said...

Ahhh yes...fair food. Last night I layed in bed sick, but still thinking how delicious it all tasted. The strawberry banana kabob...awesome yes...but for six dollars I think I'll make my own and bring them next time:)

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