what brings us together today

on the phone this morning 6:25 am

ty-  "hey"

me- "hi! happy anniversary!"

ty- "oh yeah! you too"  (he's at work- you know, can't say mushy stuff)

me- "how's your day been?"

ty- "good. you?"

me- "oh, you know, the usual. just cleaned up puke for an hour in phoebe's crib"

ty- "uh oh"

me- "yup. remember what she ate last night?"

ty" ewwww- the blueberries?"

me- "yeah. blueberries. so i'm going to lie back down now"

ty- "good. that sounds like a good idea. talk to you later"

me- "ok... (and then said mushy stuff)..bye"

happy 8th anniversary to us

i'm proud to say that we do have 'happy' anniversaries.
because every year it just keeps getting better and better.
even though some days have puke in them.


Taryn Robison said...

whoa you guys look so young! haha happy anniversary :)

Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary! Love seeing the wedding pictures, how cute. :)

Jordan and Jandee said...

Whoa, weren't you getting married yesterday? Umm are we getting old? Happy Anniversary!

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