a few random things

  • i made it to 37 weeks! all by myselfs! well, not by myself. i'm pretty sure prayer has kept this baby in. all we keep asking is that it will come when it is ready. please, please, when it is fully baked.
  • i hate reading amelia bedelia books to the girls (sorry mom, i used the H word)
  • but last night lucy was reading this book in bed and giggling. that makes up for it.
  • we played all day long on the water slide, it was glorious
  • the girls laughed at my maternity swimsuit that i squeezed into
  • ty scrubbed out our bath tubs for me. i love him.
  • i got my hair did and a pedicure this week. makes me feel like a million-jillion dollars.
  • someone at church couldn't believe i had less than 3 weeks left. that made me feel good too.
  • i got to visit with chandra today. it was too short of a visit, i really enjoy catching up with her.
  • did you know she's a nurse? yup, i call her with all of my much too personal prenatal questions.
  • i was up all night with back labor...reminds me of lucy (i had it for two weeks).
  • i have no control over when this baby comes. tomorrow? next week? 2 weeks? 3?  the only thing i know is that someday, somewhere, it will decide to come out.
  • i have no idea who the kardashians are and why they are famous. 
  • we had a great memorial day weekend filled with family, friends and food. hope you did too.
  • oh, and i need to clean out my fridge and go grocery shopping. 
thanks kristen! it's awesome. ty smiles everytime i wear it.


    a week, a year, a life

    i've been taking it easy for a week now, just to make it to tomorrow. why, you might ask? because tomorrow is 37 weeks gestation. in layman's terms: the baby is most likely, probably, hopefully ok to come home with us. (still doubtful)

    can i tell you how hard it was to take it easy for a week? it sounds ridiculous even writing it down now.  i had a lot of people offer to help out and i refused in the beginning. we've be fine. i could handle it. and then a few times i said, "ok".  a sweet friend vacuumed my entire house while our kids played and played and some others brought us dinners.  thank you thank you thank you!

     tomorrow we have a family reunion and then i am deep cleaning the entire house and going on a date with ty. i can't wait.

    in other news, we have lived in this house a year on June 3rd. it's crazy to think an entire 365 days will have passed. we have accomplished so much and grown to love our little crazy house. it truly is unlike any other. as joshlyn once said, "it has character!"  we'd love for you to come see it too, email me!

    this little life inside of me is real. i'm starting to realize that i'll have a newborn again. a sweet, cherubic smelling newborn. the farts when it stretches and arches it's back. that grunts and squints and coos. i'm getting quite excited. all the signs of labor are present in my body. every morning i wake up and think, "oh! I'm still here!" and i'm happy for that. and then two seconds later i'm wondering if my water is going to break on the drive to pick up lucy from school. but my water has broken with the last two babies. the odds are pretty slim it will happen again.

    so for now, we are enjoying our life and waiting for a new life to come.
    and here are some pictures so i don't forget
    how stinking cute our little brood is after church on sundays. (ty took the pictures)


    old pics

    ty and i are not technologically advanced. i'd say more...challenged. we finally just retrieved all the pics off of his cell phone and are amazed! oh my goodness, some of them are old.without further ado...
    (disclaimer- ty and i only get the free phones with renewal- picture quality is what it is)

    lucy's gymnastics graduation 2008
     funny bald abby
     disneyland '08
     ty out and about
    american museum of natural history  2008
     dinner from a gift card
    ty at work. BYU autoshop
     baby phoebe!

    byu basketball game 2010
    found a snake on a bunny walk-2010
     being silly 2008
    dress ups- 2008


    how to do a dry run: the expert edition

    1. take it easy all day long. don't go for long walks. no heavy cleaning or any other exertive activity that would warrant labor.
    2. be really cranky and emotional all evening long.
    3. at 10 pm try to fall asleep
    4. 10:30 pm realize your back is on fire. 
    5. 10:35 pm- ask, "why is on my back on fire?" to yourself. 
    6. at some point you realize it's back labor
    7. take a nice long warm bath to try and soothe the pain
    8. read a chapter of your book
    9. try to lie back down
    10. begin contracting irregularly
    11. woops- now they've been regular. 5-8 min apart. and you've got that nauseous, crampy leg feeling. yikes!
    12. wake up husband, call mother-in-law to take care of kids, wake up mother.
    13. leave for hospital an hour and 20 min away
    14. arrive at hospital
    15. continue having strong, regularly consistent contractions 2-5 min apart for an hour
    16. remember how much those puppies hurt
    17. wait for dr.
    18. dr. realizes you haven't slept all night long. sends you home with instructions to sleep off the contractions.
    19. take a bath and a 2 hour nap.
    20. contractions stop.
    21. go home.
    22. rinse and repeat

    *we are VERY happy to be home and not having a baby. it's just still too early for this little one.  every day i'm pregnant is a huge victory. i think we are home due to prayers from family and good friends who know how important it is to bake a baby : )

    **all of the contractions weren't for nothin. cuz this baby dropped and settled so nicely. i can breathe and eat again. bonus!

    ***remember this shirt? well sweet kristen made me one! i can't believe how sweet she was to do that. she's expecting a little boy and is busy busy with her girls. i can't wait to take a photo in it-maybe tomorrow.


    things to not forget

    lucy in kindergarten

     how well phoebe loves all her "boppas" and "mommas".
    there are lots!
     i grew our very first rose. all by myself! (ok- a little help from ty)
     lucy's first may day dance
     pre-church popsicles. we demanded they wear bibs.
    walking into church i noticed they both had sherbet on their butts- 
    from trying to hide the popsicles from phoebe
     phoebe and her lenny-like obsession with the cats
     the beautiful full rainbow over our house and mesa.
    a sign of good things to come.
     spending mornings with this girl
     and this one who wanted to wear kitty ears to eat snacks
    36 weeks along and feeling fantastic


    a crystal ball please

    image via here

    today i'm jealous of c-sections. i'm envious that they know the day and time of when that baby arrives. me... i have no idea. today i feel like i did with abby.  i feel large and full and expectant. i stand up and my tummy is tighter than a drum and feels like it's below my ankles.  i watch tv at night with ty feeling the contractions wash over me in practice.  today i'm wondering how my uterus migrated up to my arms and made them swell like the michelin man.

    but i digress.

    yesterday my doctor told me to pre-register with the hospital and took the strep-b test. he also informed me that he will be out of town until june 1st. now, ty and i don't want to have this baby until after june 9th, so that doesn't really sound like a dilemma. right? right.  except i've never had the same doctor deliver me. and i'm attached to this one. my brother bill told me it's weird to "like" your lady parts doctor. but he's also not a woman.  dr. lunt was there with abby.  he knows our history, he's funny, kind, chill, lets me do what i want and i call the shots (hmm, probably the reason i like him).

    he also laughed when i said i want to make it to 40 weeks. knowing my luck i will deliver while he is gone because i want him to be there. i want reliability, i want a familiar face. i want what i want and i want it my away. too much to ask?

    it's weird, at this point with phoebe i was off bedrest and ready for baby.  but today, i'm basically crossing my legs and fingers.

    even though i've done this three times, every delivery is different. i have absolutely no clue how  how long this rollercoaster is going to take, or how it will twist and turn. will my water break again? will i have back labor or regular contractions? will i have a clueless nurse? or a nazi one?  luckily ty won't have any homework to get done this time around. but will the girls be ok? will the baby have birth defects? still born? down syndrome? autism? special needs? hair? teeth?

    most importantly...is it a BOY or a GIRL?  i've forgotten that it isn't hypothetical anymore. there is one or the other in there.

    but as i sat in the waiting room i saw a chart above the sink labeled "Pregnancy Hormone Levels".

    i'm sorry to say that i'm riding that wave right as it peaks. so maybe blogging isn't the smartest idea in the world.

    but in good news, this baby was a huge faith building experience for me. i have not had one ounce of medicine, and i've made it so far. 36 weeks tomorrow! i've been able to take care of my kids, and husband and house and church callings. shoot, i even taught aerobics till 6 months along!

    i have so much to be grateful for. and i'm going to focus on that.


    funny girl

    abby is hilarious.

    and i'm not using that lightly.

    she can say and do the funniest things- but here's the catch, she doesn't know it's funny. recently she's been getting upset at how much we laugh at her. but it's hard for ty and i to hold in the laughs until she rounds the corner.

    yesterday grandma leavitt watched as abby ever so gently played the piano with two fingers. pressing the two side-by-side notes alternately, tink tink, tink tink, tink tink, with her face very close to the notes. camille said something along the lines of, "abby, you are playing so nicely!"  to which abby responded, "i'm trying to find my roly poly".

    yes, she was letting bugs crawl over the piano keys.

    dear aunt sarah,

    we don't know how wise it is keeping your piano here. we've only had it 6 days and there is already a live roly poly missing inside of it.


    your leavitt nieces


    what i wish i would have known...my experience

    i don't feel qualified in any way, shape or form to be writing this- but it is funny to look back at what i used to think was "important" and what i now think is "important." maybe that's a sign of progress? that you always think the past you was a bumbling idiot. currently, i feel like my present self is a bumbling idiot, anyone know what that means?

    i don't feel qualified to write down what  i wish i would have known before i had kids that i know now. because each lesson i've learned (read: mistakes i've made) have helped me to grow and become a better mother.  but, i do know there are some things about labor and post-partum time that i wish i would have either known, or listened to my mother's advice about.

    1. trust your body before anything else and be patient. the baby is much better in than out before 40 weeks. oh heck, 42!
    2. after 38 weeks, buy a soft bristle toothbrush and, in the shower, ahem, get your ladies ready for nursing. tmi? my girlfriend, who is a nurse told me this with lucy, best advice ever!
    3. drink grape juice right after delivery. i don't know why, but that is the best thing in the world!
    4. hold your baby those first few hours. other people can wait their turns.
    5.  pack your own binkies. unless you want that gross icanseeintoyourmouth binky the hospitals have, bring your own. we started doing this and are very grateful. bonus=no nipple confusion! 
    6. all those months of no periods?! yeah, they didn't forget about you. stock up now.
    7. buy lots of comfortable onesies for baby. that's all they really need beyond diapers, binkies and milk. the dress ones are the best for newborns and make midnight changes a cinch when you are sleep deprived.
    8. have good sized swaddling blankets. nothing is better than a good swaddle for a newborn.
    9. nurse that baby every 3-4 hours, even if sleeping. change their diaper, wake them up and feed them. do not let a newborn go longer than 5hrs! you will end up crying and the baby will be crying and it will be stressful, which doesn't help your psyche or your tatas. it takes up to 8 weeks to establish your milk supply. rest, drink water, chill out.
    10. have a schedule written down for the other kids. what they like to do. when they are supposed to eat and nap. where they need to be etc. even if your caretakers don't follow it, it's peaceful knowing it's there.
    11. stock your freezer and fridge with easy meals for the entire family. you are not going to cook for awhile.
    12. your boobs are going to have crazy stretch marks. eventually they fade and you get over it.
    13. if there are older siblings, get a small gift for each of them for when they come to see the baby. we have done this twice and it is a lifesaver. it also makes seeing the "new baby" a fun experience, even if they were just dethroned.
    14. encourage all visitors to acknowledge the older children first before the baby. this is really important to us. besides, the baby won't know the difference at all if they have to wait 5 minutes to be held by aunt suzie.
    15. have lots of new books and movies for the kids to watch after the baby comes. check them out from the library or raid your friends' houses. ps-it's ok that they (and you) are going to watch a ton of tv for about 3 months.
    16. give yourself 10-12 weeks before travel or other large commitments. this was always my mother's resounding advice. i always feel the need to be "superwoman" and accomplish everything at the same rate after baby is born. it is hard to just hang out at home and be peaceful because i have a huge energy rush the first 8 weeks after baby, but then i crash. i'm going to try harder this time to stay still and breathe in that newborn goodness. goal: no mastitis!
    17. sleep when the baby sleeps. for reals- do it.
    18. let other people take care of you for at least a week. 2 weeks if you have other little ones at home. it's hard to accept help, but do it for your husband and kids.
    19. and a few books i always recommend that i've liked: this one, this one, this one and especially THIS ONE.
    20. do not, under any circumstances, try on your old pants for at least 2 months. make that 3.
    21. 7 out of 10 newborns have a milk protein intolerance. i have to stay away from dairy, tomatoes, chocolate and too much leafy green foods for at least 4 months. and i've learned all of this the hard way. it is very worth it though, in my opinion.
    that's all. boy do i sound like a bossy know-it-all or what?


    what i wish i would have known...

    i look at mothers of large broods in awe now. honestly, anything after 3 seems so daunting to me. i want to corner them at the supermarket, the hardware store, the post office. i want to ask them so many questions and get so many answers. think cate blanchett in indiana jones 3 "i vant to know everyting!"

    how do you feed them all? (our cupboards are always bare with just 3 now)
    how do you give each of them individual time?
    how do you keep your house organized? the laundry clean? the chores accomplished?
    how do you get quality time in with your spouse?

    but most importantly i want to ask these mothers:

    what do you wish you would have known 
    that you know now?

    i was inspired after reading my cousin's wifes post here
     please feel free to give as much advice as possible.


    the other day

    phoebe got a little too involved with a mud puddle so i had to scrub her down in the tub mid-morning. after i took her out of the tub the phone rang. dundundun. 2 minutes later i can't find her. but alas, i heard a munching sound in the kitchen and this is what i found:

    most stories of my answering the phone and then not finding my kids don't end up this cute


    happy mother's day mom

    All that I am, or hope to be, 
    I owe to my angel mother.
    Abraham Lincoln

    mom and grandma gold
    june 1977


    if only they carried it in XXL

    is it just me, or would this not make a hilarious maternity shirt?  you can find it here
    (of course- not with your first pregnancy, sorry girlies)

    i feel like it would stop a lot of anonymous stranger comments and belly pats.


    the pediatrician

    the night before the girls' appointments i tossed and turned in bed (par for course now). seeing as our doctor is an hour away again, these visits don't exactly get me too excited.  let's just say the thoughts kept mulling in my head of, "they don't really need their well visits done this time" and "i'll just call and cancel" and "phoebe can get further behind on her shots, i'll get her caught up later"   but then i realized i am never going to have as much time to take care of these older girls as i do now. so we went...

    i remember the days where i used to get them looking all cute for these appointments. nice hair and nice outfits. to what? impress the doctor? how did that make sense? but somewhere in every mom you feel like if your doctor thinks you are doing a  good job then you are. what? maybe it's just me. doesn't really matter now, because we just go as we are  #1. phoebe will just be stripped down for the entire time and #2. i just don't care anymore. either that, or i'm too tired to care right now.  besides, if someone was going to call child protective services on me, they would have done it a loooong time ago.

    so after the regular check of all physical developments and milestone markers where i pretend to know what's going on with my children, our pediatrician and i tried to talk about some topics of health we've been dealing with. during the discussion phoebe ran around the patient room with just a diaper on, bossing abby and stealing toys away from her. saying "no" more than a dozen times and throwing stuff she didn't want at abby's head.

    at the end of our discussion the doctor looked down at phoebe, looked back at me, and then said, "well...good luck when the next one comes along!"

    oy vey. i'm going to need it.

    now don't think i'm throwing phoebe under the bus here.
    she's an awesome little girl.
    she's just, how do i put it?


    the end.


    seen and heard

    photo taken by lucy
    me- hey ty, wanna take phoebe to work tomorrow?

    ty- hahahahaha (in a low chuckle)

    me- seriously, how much do you think you could get done if you had her on the job site?

    ty- probably pretty close to nothing

    and somehow that made me feel so much better about the job i'm getting done around the house.
    oh phoebe... we love you, even though we can't keep up with you.


    33 weeks

    less than 4 weeks till full term.
    and i'm still be-boppin' on two feet.

    isn't that amazing?
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