a week, a year, a life

i've been taking it easy for a week now, just to make it to tomorrow. why, you might ask? because tomorrow is 37 weeks gestation. in layman's terms: the baby is most likely, probably, hopefully ok to come home with us. (still doubtful)

can i tell you how hard it was to take it easy for a week? it sounds ridiculous even writing it down now.  i had a lot of people offer to help out and i refused in the beginning. we've be fine. i could handle it. and then a few times i said, "ok".  a sweet friend vacuumed my entire house while our kids played and played and some others brought us dinners.  thank you thank you thank you!

 tomorrow we have a family reunion and then i am deep cleaning the entire house and going on a date with ty. i can't wait.

in other news, we have lived in this house a year on June 3rd. it's crazy to think an entire 365 days will have passed. we have accomplished so much and grown to love our little crazy house. it truly is unlike any other. as joshlyn once said, "it has character!"  we'd love for you to come see it too, email me!

this little life inside of me is real. i'm starting to realize that i'll have a newborn again. a sweet, cherubic smelling newborn. the farts when it stretches and arches it's back. that grunts and squints and coos. i'm getting quite excited. all the signs of labor are present in my body. every morning i wake up and think, "oh! I'm still here!" and i'm happy for that. and then two seconds later i'm wondering if my water is going to break on the drive to pick up lucy from school. but my water has broken with the last two babies. the odds are pretty slim it will happen again.

so for now, we are enjoying our life and waiting for a new life to come.
and here are some pictures so i don't forget
how stinking cute our little brood is after church on sundays. (ty took the pictures)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy is going so well. I need to come visit. Lets plan something or it will never happen. I am also always here to help if yo need it. Keep up the great work mama!!

Bowler Family said...

37 weeks should be just fine! Ella was 36 and 3 or 4 days. She came home with us no problem!! I'm so excited for you!! And jealous, October is sooooo far away!

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