still here...still here

don't take the writing absence as a sign that i've delivered a child. i was just informed this week that i am the first woman that will never deliver her baby.

honestly, i wrote an entire full length post of the insanity going on in my brain right now. but instead you get this:  i am comfortable. the baby is getting strong and healthy. we are having a fun time getting things done around here. i am not, repeat, not going to labor any time soon. and that's ok.

today my sisters are both in town and cooked us a delicious meal.
i finished the living room curtains.
ty mowed the lawn
my mother-in-law helped paint the girls chair rail (thank you!)
i'm almost done with some throw pillows.
danna took these amazing photos of our children for us. 
i love them.

that is all.

 lucy, cousin sydney and the willow trees


Larissa Joy said...


The pictures are fantastic! Brought a tear to my eye. Looking forward to meeting baby Leavitt. ºÜº

Terril Family said...

Yeah, I was going to tell you that you're not allowed to take blogging breaks like that and leave us all in suspense!

Cute pictures! And I'm sure that little one won't be stuck inside you long. You're still only 38 weeks aren't you? Not too shabby. I'm glad you made it this far. P.S. You never sent me your address. Could you email it to me? You're awesome! Can't wait to hear!

Lara said...

Funny little tidbit...I totally thought you had your baby...I was thinking, I haven't read Annie's blog lately, she hasn't posted, she's had her baby!! And then I was really excited! I hope the baby comes soon, but I am glad you comfortable and getting things done!

P.S. Your girls are beautiful.

Meka said...

Annie, I have to say that I love how you are ok with the baby still being inside you! I get a little weary of hearing so many complaints about "still being pregnant". I assume it is uncomfortable being pregnant but I can tell you care more about your baby then your own comfort. THANK YOU! I guess us NICU moms know how important is it for them to be fully "baked". I'm glad your body is being so cooperative this time around for you, what a miracle!!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Love those photos. Love, love, love. Brought a smile to my face today.

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