6 weeks

6 weeks is always bitter sweet for me. It's fun because they are finally waking up and becoming a person. Smiling, cooing, watching!  But hard because they start to become a person, which means, they have an opinion about stuff! The nerve. He's going through a crazy growth spurt and wanting chestage all hours of the day and night .

I find it's getting harder to burp little Rodney, and I have to perform acrobatics to get them out of him at night. And oh! How important burping your baby is, burping and swaddling are the mainstays of my sanity.  If I were to give advice to a new mom it would be always get that burp out.  There is nothing worse than spending all that time nursing and swaddling and rocking, just to lay down for 10 minutes and hear that uncomfortable grunting and wriggling. That is so happened again last night. In my defense, at 2am it's hard to remember if you got a burp out or not and if the diaper was poopy or not. I just go through the motions. Oh well, he's happy this morning : )

*ty dropped the camera on saturday, and now all the photos are blurry. fun!


Whitney Baldwin said...

Oh my word. I swear I just ovulated looking at those pictures.

Does it get any cuter than that baby boy? I submit that it does not and I want to gobble him up.

Danna Banana said...

Chubby Yummy Squishy!!!!!

Melanie said...

So cute! He's already looking so much bigger and more awake.

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