it's all worth it though

in light of my negative post below...i have to add that all of the not so lovely things about having a baby, are far, far, far outweighed by the extroadinary, amazing, make your life totally awesome things. and there are so many of them. like the way the baby breathes on my chest sleeping early in the morning. or the way the girls coo and talk to him. or the way phoebe walks by and pushes his swing so hard it looks like he's going to fly out (oh woops- good things, good things).

i mean, we just brought another perfect little person into this family. and if he's anything like his sisters, there are many more good times to be had.


Bowler Family said...

Ok, Phoebe may be the cutest little girl EVER!! The other ones are cute too!! ;)

Gabrielle Evelyn said...


It looks cool and I also plan to swim in such hot day!

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Brittany said...

I had to comment, because I really empathized with your last post and this one. My world turned upside down when I had #3. Number 2 was premature and had special needs, and, comparatively, bringing number 3 home was a walk in the park but it was WAY HARDER! I couldn't adjust. My old life was gone. I kept thinking, another week or two and I'll be "normal" again. But it never happened. Finally there is a new normal and I think that 12 weeks is probably pretty accurate for a lot of us. Post partum depression is real and can hit really hard when a new mom is overwhelmed with change. You are doing so great even to be blogging. It took me several months before I felt I could write and share what I was and had been going through. I like the quote "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

Stephanie and Paul said...

Cheerful! Cheerful! Cheerful! You are doing great! I totally agree that its like relearning life after having a new baby. It'll settle down soon. Just think of me at thanksgiving with jude. He was about what, 8 weeks? You can't be doing worse than that :)

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