on a sunday evening drive

we have had a busy busy week/weekend of visiting with friends and family, overnighters with the Warburtons, scout camp for ty and a birthday dinner for joshlyn! sunday afternoon ty and i were pooped out- but still wanted to spend some quality time with the girls  kids (i'm not used to Roddie being a girl!). so we strapped them in their carseats & went for a nice family drive by our house. yes, just 20 minutes from our house we were graced with all of these awesome views.
it was nice to remember how beautiful it is around here,
i just had to step out of the house!

 and yes, this last photo are two big horn rams fighting over a nice lady ewe. we watched them do this for a good 15-20 minutes. which was amazing, as all the times i have hiked with ty looking at these sheep i've never witnessed them fight. and here they just kept going and going.  at one point there were 3 rams following one ewe. i asked ty, "there are a ton of other girls around, why are they fighting over just that one?"  and ty answered, "maybe she's the best looking one".   hahaha. i'm thinking it's just like college and she's the brand new 18 year old sophomore that just moved into the building : )

* i have to add that not one of these were edited


Toni said...

I had forgotten how pretty it could be down south,just have to be brave enough to leave the house. All the years I was down there I never got to see a big horn sheep. Thanks the pictures are beautiful and your new son is as cute as his sisters!!

Austrie said...

awwww, the cute 18 yr old skank that lives in the dorms. classic. never fails! haha pretty pics, i need to get down there more often

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

WOW~I like the views,making me feel free~~~

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