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i read a quick part of a quote at a family party a few weeks ago (did that make any sense?) and the gist of it was, don't talk about the bad things in your life. talk about the good. now i need to get the real quote and put it on here.

so for this weekend i'll share a few things and try to focus on the good (i said try):

-i tried to teach 4 zumba songs in a row yesterday to my little church girls i work with. they've been begging me for months to do it and i was excited to try since i'ved planned to start teaching in 2 weeks. yikes!  so, yeah, 4 songs. long story short, i almost died.  i was sweating so much my skin almost just slipped off of my body.  it felt so weird too, when i was trying to dance. i felt like a jigsaw puzzle that was put together by abby. all the pieces are put back where they started, but they're too tight in some places and lumpy and overlapping in others.

-swimming lessons ended yesterday. we did not go on any vacations this summer (is it me, or did everyone go to bear lake?). we did not travel to see any family. we didn't go into town to swim or shop. we didn't really do anything. so the girls had swimming lessons the entire summer. i honestly didn't care if they were learning to swim or learning the hokey pokey. they loved their teachers! they were happy! they looked forward to it all day long! they slept like rocks!  and guess what happened? they did learn how to swim and that makes me pretty happy.

-we had one of the 12 apostles of our church come to our church conference this weekend. we thought we arrived a half hour early on sunday, but it was really an entire hour early! i was worried the girls would have meltdowns, but they did great. i told them how proud i was of them for being so quiet. i ignored the fact that they bounced around like energizer bunnies for 3 hours. it was an amazing opportunity to listen to an Apostle in person. afterwards i wanted to talk to his wife and tell her i lived with her nieces in college, but it was just too crowded up there. i'm glad so many people got to meet them in person.

-lucy has her teacher for 1st grade in is ready to go but i don't know if i am. i know that school is what she needs, but it will be all day long! (and this is where the families with all day kindergarten tell me to suck it up).we eat early and go to be early around here, so it feels like her free time is going to be cut big time between homework and chores.

-this baby sucked all of my mojo out of me. i realized yesterday that i am probably the most boring person on the planet. seriously. my life consists of trying to take care of the girls, nurse the chubs all day long, pick up the house (fail) and cook a dinner. after 8pm when everyone is in bed, even rodney, i collapse on the couch. i turn on the boob tube, watch for around an hour and then shuffle into bed. no dishes, no clean up, no talking, no reading.  i literally collapse at the end of every day.  the next morning i wake up to an absolutely disgusting house and start all over again.  i won't even begin to tell you how much tv my kids are still watching.

-on a funnier note, phoebe likes to jump in her crib once she wakes up. she gets some pretty sweet air too. yesterday i opened the door and asked, "and what are you doing little girl!?" and she says in the cutest voice ever, "I'M DUMPING ON DA BED!"


Larissa Joy said...

Annie, you are FAR from boring, anything BUT. You are awesome. I am glad we are neighbors (even if we are a mile apart) and having the blessing of working together in Activity Days. :-)

Melanie said...

He's young...Everyone is pretty boring when their babies are this age still...Soon you'll be sleeping better and everything thing will be different. :)

All day. Ugh. I know Jacob needs school, but I'm sad. I know it'll be good for Matthew to be big man on campus, but I'm still rather sad. And we start Monday...I can't believe summer is gone...if only the heat would leave too.

"I'm dumping on da bed!" Love it! :)

my name is becky kelly said...

Hailey is 16 months and i'm finally good at doing dishes again. Baby Wodney is still a baby. it's ok to collapse. Everyone is still alive :) for a long long time i was HORRIBLE at keeping house. Shanan finally hired a house keeper! i didn't realize it was that bad *shrug* anyway, hang in there.

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