plan b

daddy and his kiddos- sept 25th 2011

last night we went out to celebrate tyson's birthday. the big one! more on that later. after we came home, drove home the babysitter (thanks jenni!) and cleaned up. we heard phoebe crying. ty checks on her, and she's covered in vomit. this is where i remind myself that she ate an entire bowlfull of frozen berries for a snack earlier. 

you guys, she threw up the entire night. usually an episode of the pukes averages 2 upchuckages and a lot of feverish shakes, a nice warm bath to get the vomit out of the hair and neck rolls and then back to bed.

not last night. she threw up 6 times in 24 hours. 6!

and to top it off my husband just left on a weeklong hunt. i'm not even kidding you. i told him, "you're birthday present this year is that i am letting you live." (thanks joshlyn!)

so, when things get really tough like this. like having pukey whiny kids with no husband around (angels must hover over single moms) i start fantasizing about my 'plan b'. i can't believe i'm writing this down, i've only told my sister sarah this.

so, plan b is actually more like a getaway today plan. the main goal is to get appendicitis and go to the hospital for 2 days. no laundry. no dishes. no sick kids. all the pudding i can eat and a slave at the push of a button. now you know you are tired when a stay at the hospital sounds like absolute, pure, heaven. am i the only mom who has dreamt up stuff like this? please tell me i'm not crazy (because i worry i'm crazy about 100 times a day)

so here's to making it through the weekend.

*ps* i'm so grateful my friend convinced me to start teaching up zumba again. silly me, i wanted to wait to teach until all the baby weight was gone. it is so nice to get out of the house and exercise again.


get a blog, it makes your life look awesome.

I have to admit, when I spend some time to look back over my blog I love it. For several different reasons. The main reason is because it is a great journal for what’s going on with the kidlets. But another reason is because it makes my life look better than it ever really is.  Seriously, it’s the perfect way to pretend like you have an awesome life. I can see the pictures of our kids and home, the ones that I WANT people to see. Not the real ones. With the diapers lying around everywhere and the piles of dishes in the sink and the bottle soaking on the counter that had 3 day old fermented milk in it. I can recount all the cute and fun things that happen in our life. And with little kids, there are a lot of cute and fun things. But there are also a lot of not fun and not cute things.

For example, I don’t blog about how the kids keep fighting each other all day long and smacking each other with their tone bells mallot. I don't blog about the arguments between husband and wife behind closed doors. I don’t blog about the piles of dirty laundry in the closets and the piles of clean laundry on the beds and couches. Because who wants to remember those things? Not I. I want to remember all the good, add a little embellishment to it and then block out all the crap.

Like this last post about Sundays? I’ve had more than a few remarks about it.  “Sundays are the worst!” all the moms say. And it’s true, taking your kids to 3 hours of church every Sunday is not a fun thing in any way shape or form. Especially if you have to do it all.by.yourself. Now, to be clear, this past Sunday was actually quite normal. The kids fought about what to wear and how to do their hair. I had to yell at everyone more than a few times to get to get their scriptures! and get your tights on! We forgot to hand in our tithing, again. We were late and got crappy hard seats in the back. My feet were too fat for my shoes and killing me the entire time. Rodney had to nurse twice in 3 hours. Phoebe was horrible during sacrament meeting and to top it off slammed her fingers in the chapel door. I had to walk around with a crying baby for the majority of the time. I don’t remember one thing that was taught in any of my classes.

But, and this is a tremendously huge but, I was able to take our sacrament and start all over again. And that is what I want to remember.  I want to remember watching Ty put Rodney’s tie on. And having the girls tell me happily about what they learned in Primary. Having Phoebe actually go and stay in nursery.  I want to remember all the smiling faces and “hellos” that I get each Sunday.  Because those are the sweet memories. The ones I hold on to. So when I’m older I can look at all the blog books and think, “man, my life was so wonderful!” and not remember how incredibly difficult it was to manage all these little children 24 hours a day.

So, if your feeling down and out. Start a blog! It will make everyone, and you, think that your life is better than it actually is! 


already two

how did this happen? i turned around and all of a sudden our baby girl turned 2. two!  
we woke her up (she never sleeps in) to open her presents before i had to leave for pilates. she was a little groggy and out of it. good thing her sisters took over and opened everything for her.

opening birthday presents complete with bed head and diaper wedgie
it took her a few minutes to figure out what was sitting on the lawn. see her holding her other present? her own comb! she was so excited. (yes, i go very cheap on my kids when they are too little to remember what i gave them. he he)       

"HELLO!" she would yell out the windows.
and then open the door, motion her hand and say, "mum in! mum in!"
phoebe spent the majority of her day (minus her 4 hour nap) playing in her new "howus".
*shhh. it's not really new, our friends gave it to us. but phoebe will never know! well, till she reads this.

look at how solemn she was when everyone was singing. she just sat there soaking it in. not even a crack of a smile. this is two seconds before she blew out the candles. then she smiled! she knew exactly what to do. we sure love our little phoebe. she truly is the "Light" of our lives. she didn't even really care about the presents, she just loved having her family over to play and listen to her. she loves all of her family, and we all love her.



we are on day 11 of sick house. just when everyone was feeling better, rodney and i got sick. and he being so little went straight to his lungs. poor little hacking cough dude. sad sad.

in other news, my mom stayed at my house yesterday while the girls napped and i took rodney to the pediatrician & bronchiolitis clinic. doesn't that sound like fun? well apparently the bug man called while i was out to let me know they were coming the next morning. yes, in the desert you HAVE to have a bug man. unless you like having cockroaches in your bathroom, which i don't. so at 9am, i let phoebe come to the door with me looking like this:
 good thing our bug man is like family and doesn't mind seeing my kids and house a wreck. how awesome are her pajamas? she picks out her own accessories now and everything.

so thanks for the heads up mom! just kidding, i owe her big time. it is really nice to have family close, but it is also really easy to abuse it. oh! how i worry about abusing it. i don't want them dreading my phone calls. "uh oh, it's annie. she wants to dump her 800 thousand kids on us again".

in other news, i've realized that after 7 years of being a mom, shopping for food and necessities is one of my duties. as in, a regular thing. the food is gone. the toilet paper runs out. i'm starting to notice a pattern! the point of this story is this, i hate shopping. and hate is a bad word at our house. so, how do you do it? how do you schedule in shopping on a regular basis when you loathe and despise it? discuss.


14 weeks tomorrow

 trying to get rodney to smile for the camera

can you believe 14 weeks has passed since little dude arrived? i just can't believe it. it's like our family switched from a 747 to the concord as far as time traveling is concerned. every week flies by like the blink of an eye. but the sleepless nights with 102* fevers and throwups seem to take a decade.  that is life though, and we are trying to make the best of it. i find the in the blur of making lunches, driving kids around, managing homework, church callings, laundry, and cleaning up, i am always, always always, holding him. snuggling him. getting him to talk to me.  so if you come over and notice the house is a wreck, it's because i'm trying to do everything one handed.

i love my little boy. almost a little too much really, ty's starting to get jealous.  i honestly thought when he was born that only the diaper parts would be different. i didn't know how much they capture your heart. i'm totally going to be that mom when he is married. it will be hard to let him go. yes, i'm already thinking about his mission for our church and marriage. i told you i'm crazy about him.

*he just found his fists when he's playing on his back. it's hilarious! all of the sudden he'll freeze, stare at his fist and go "where did that come from? whoah! it's moving now!"  ty doesn't think it's half as funny as i do, bleh.


if i told you i was exercising, would you believe me?

you can't tell from the outside, but i am moving my body again. i'm using it for more than just to feed, clothed, change, hold a baby/toddler/sick child.  it feels so good to wake up and feel sore muscles. muscles! i have muscles!

i started up teaching aerobics 2 weeks ago, and i love, love, love it! i think what i love the most is being with other women. i get out of the house! i get to be me! i get to dance!  how is that not a great thing?  i finally started my sister in law's pilates class also, and oh! it is wonderful. i've always loved pilates from the first time i had to do it at Ballet West in 1995. i loved the method, the breathing, the control, the pain. every morning i wake up now sore, sore, sore and i love it.

i taught joy school last week and guess what the first lesson was? the joy of the body. how fortuitous. i loved teaching for 4 hours that week how awesome our bodies are and how much they can do. i am so blessed to have a body. a body that can move, and hold still, and love, and nurture. i'm very grateful to be able to carry and birth babies with my body. and i always will be. but it is such a hard rebound for me.

if you are one of those pregnant women who gain, 25 lbs, lose 15 the first two weeks and just have 10 left to lose, than yay for you! (note sarcastic tone)

that is not me.

every pregnancy, the rational side of me jumps out the window and the insulin-resistant devil side takes over. i stop exercising. i eat entire pizzas at 2am. i make my husband get mcdonald's at 10pm after a full dinner at 5. i eat candy bars on the drive home from dr's appointments. it's gross to even think about how much junk i eat. and then, after the smoke clears and i have a beautiful beautiful beautiful 3 month old baby( not disregarding what a miracle it is to carry a child) on a schedule, i'm a lumpy, stillwearingmaternityclothes80%ofthetime  mess. and that's when i have to bring out the big guns. exercise! nutrition! sleep! no more mcdonald's! no more junk food in the house!

the kids have noticed, and are complaining like crazy. they are also sick, so they are sick and complaining. funners! there's no food! they cry.  i don't want eggs for breakfast! they bemoan. well tough luck there girls, i am on a mission.

i have 30 more lbs to lose. yup, thirty. that sounds like a lot no? it feels like a lot. and it's hard to know that i can't go all out, i have to take it easy and still eat a lot to keep nursing. but it will happen, slowly, surely, probably take 18 months, but it will happen. it's days like this where i want to pay someone when i'm pregnant to shake me and say, "annie! don't eat that entire pie! it's not worth it!"  but i probably wouldn't listen to them anyway. and then  just eat more because they made me mad. oh, i can't believe i am writing all of this down.

so here i am, starting all over again. regretful of the past, hopeful of the future.

right now my eating plan looks like this:

*banana walnut protein smoothie in the morning (i use sunwarrior protein , no soy! no whey!)
*salad wrap at lunch
*fruit and nuts for snack or a spinach smoothie
*regular dinner with kids and ty
*chocolate protein smoothie at night with ty. we call it the "frostie!" (serves 2)

2 cups milk (i use almond when nursing)
1 banana
1 spoonful adam's peanut butter
1 spoonful cocoa powder
2 scoops sunwarrior protein
a handful of ice

blend and enjoy! we love it with a straw, makes it more of a smoothie experience!


don't come over to our house

it moved in on saturday. sunday we thought it was gone...nope.
monday morning by 10am, we thought it was gone...nope.
this morning it decided to latch on to other members of the family.

stupid virus. worse house guest ever.

but you can come over once he leaves. we now have 2 nice mattresses for our guest bedroom. are you going to come try them out? we'd love to see you!

but here is a fun clip of roddy talking. isn't he dreamy?
(apologies for my bedroom voice on the video)


one of those days

so here are a few pictures of little dude to tide me over
12 weeks old!!!!


busy is a four letter word

i always try and stay off the computer during the day now. but the girls are dancing in here and rodney is chatting away in his crib after a nap.

have i mentioned what a jabberbox he is?

ty and i keep debating on whether or not he is our earliest talker/cooer. ty said no, the girls were just like this. i said no, not until around 4 months. and he's been talking for a month now. i mean, he loves to talk to you and fill you in on his day. it's like he wakes up in the morning and is all, "hello! i'm here!" we went to our good friends' baby blessing and rodney talked all during the ceremony. he was like, "way to go dude! i just got blessed too!" it was perfect.

so yeah, rodney talks a lot.

and we are still limping through this "back to school phase".

everyday i feel like my life is so busy. so busy. so busy. but i know i'll read this in 10 years and just laugh my butt off. you thought that was busy? ha!

*i have the best video of him talking and cannot get it on here. blast. someone help me out here.

ty took this on his labor day hike with mike.


forty seven

today was my parents 47th anniversary. 
i was a total dweeb and asked them to babysit our kids so we could go to a baby blessing. i can't believe i forgot and they did that for me on their special day. tomorrow they said they are celebrating by doing nothing! sounds like heaven to me. they both work so hard all week long and they deserve it.
i am so grateful that they have worked so hard to make a wonderful marriage and family.
happy anniversary!
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