plan b

daddy and his kiddos- sept 25th 2011

last night we went out to celebrate tyson's birthday. the big one! more on that later. after we came home, drove home the babysitter (thanks jenni!) and cleaned up. we heard phoebe crying. ty checks on her, and she's covered in vomit. this is where i remind myself that she ate an entire bowlfull of frozen berries for a snack earlier. 

you guys, she threw up the entire night. usually an episode of the pukes averages 2 upchuckages and a lot of feverish shakes, a nice warm bath to get the vomit out of the hair and neck rolls and then back to bed.

not last night. she threw up 6 times in 24 hours. 6!

and to top it off my husband just left on a weeklong hunt. i'm not even kidding you. i told him, "you're birthday present this year is that i am letting you live." (thanks joshlyn!)

so, when things get really tough like this. like having pukey whiny kids with no husband around (angels must hover over single moms) i start fantasizing about my 'plan b'. i can't believe i'm writing this down, i've only told my sister sarah this.

so, plan b is actually more like a getaway today plan. the main goal is to get appendicitis and go to the hospital for 2 days. no laundry. no dishes. no sick kids. all the pudding i can eat and a slave at the push of a button. now you know you are tired when a stay at the hospital sounds like absolute, pure, heaven. am i the only mom who has dreamt up stuff like this? please tell me i'm not crazy (because i worry i'm crazy about 100 times a day)

so here's to making it through the weekend.

*ps* i'm so grateful my friend convinced me to start teaching up zumba again. silly me, i wanted to wait to teach until all the baby weight was gone. it is so nice to get out of the house and exercise again.


Whitney Baldwin said...

oh man. Pukeage is the worst. Methinks you need a better Plan B. Although I love hospital food. Seriously. Brad and I have been known to go to the hospital cafeteria for date nights. Ok probably shouldn't have admitted that.

Good luck to you surviving the week!

The Leavitts said...

Ya, I always tell Kyle I really wish I would get sick enough to go to the hospital for a few days. I thought I was crazy, but now I know I am only as crazy as you!!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I tell you it's not the hospital you want to go to, it's prison. Tax prison-workout room, prepared meals, no cleaning, lay on your bed and read all day. PLUS it doesn't involve a procedure, unlike the hospital.
BTW-I claim no responsibility for Ty's "b-day" present. :)

Melanie said...

Billy used to dream about being admitted into the hospital during some of his really bad rotations at the hospital! :)

I hope the other kids don't catch it... I think you're a saint for letting him go. I hope he appreciates you enough.

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