thrifty and thirty

i bought these when i saw them on cup of jo. i think i liked them, but i mainly just loved them because they are from england. i guess i'm an anglophile. so fast forward 2 years later, yes 2, and i made a trip to the local thrift store. i knew that i would find something special that day, and find i did. this huge frame with perfect glass for $5. five dolares? what? i know, it was insane. i kind of love how the old people don't realize how much stuff is worth (woops!). i also purchased an awesome mid century samsonite suitcase set for $4. four! (lots of exlamation marks in this post apparently)

so i spent all of the craftiness i had in me and put together this collage, and i might have found another frame for $7 and am making another one. ok, i am! anyways, i feel so proud after creating something. it doesn't happen often around here. unless you count creating children, cuz that seems to happen a lot.

anyhoos, i've had a great week that started off with a surprise visit from my sisters! it made everything great and was the best pre-30 birthday present i could ever get. 
yes, you heard that right, i am turning 30 in the next 7 days.
that sounds weird, thirty. thirty. thirty.
(the rocking chair was free and i painted that in march. crafty again!)



in an effort to lose the flab, i'm trying to eliminate sweets from our house. it's pretty easy to just not buy them (it keeps me closer to our food budget) but tyson currently has a box of chocolate covered almonds from his birthday floating around.

his mission? hide them from me.

i will not tell you how many places i searched for them today after rodney didn't nap for me like usual.

tonight he brought out a few for the girls while we read books. "can i have some?"  i asked.

"no, 'cause you'll eat them all!" lucy blurted out.

anyone else need to go to sugarholics anonymous with me?


oh phoebe!

phoebe's pregnancy was, well, let's just say...difficult. that girl started being bossy from day 1. she was a perfect angel baby and has been a great toddler. but boy oh boy, is she a lot of work! the other day ty commented on how nice the house looked (i had just frantically cleaned it for 10 hours for lucy's party). i said, "well, i can keep it like this, but where do you want phoebe to go and live?"

some funny things she's been saying lately:

"uhhhh happy birdday!" - when she sees a candle
"i no wan doo"- i don't want to
"i dot it! i dot it!"- i got it (whenever the phone rings, or i drop something)
"mean up! mean up! eby body eby bear!" -clean up, clean up everybody everywhere! song
"uhhhhh SCHOOLBUSSSSS!!!!!" - schoolbus
"dama!"- grandma
"dampa!" - grandpa
"ah baby wowey sleepy night night" - rodney fell asleep in the carseat
"i wan some! i wan some!"- i want some! she always say this at the top of her lungs. just open a candy wrapper behind her back. (this is also especially funny at costco sample counters)
"riddit! riddit! riddit!"- hopping around the house like a frog
"ah dump ah dump ah dump ah dump" - jumping like a bunny
"ah munny!"- a bunny
"quick! hide! hide!" whenever i ask her to come here
"hi rocky!" - our neighbor drives by at bus time
"i owa!" - pick me up
"ah daddy HOME!!!!"- daddy's home. also said at the top of her lungs
"dickers!" - stickers
"i ah painted nails!" - let's paint nails

as my mom says, phoebe is "her own woman"


lucky number 7

 7 years ago a beautiful baby girl turned us into parents
she hasn't stopped being full of energy and enthusiasm...for everything
 and the party was the best. lots of family and fun.

 happy birthday lucy! 
we love you and your energy that you live life with.

silver and gold

luke and liam are lego experts!
wednesday night my cousin stephanie called during their move from Phoenix. "where can we eat in mesquite?" she asked. "well, where are you?" i asked. " "we are just passing vegas." they have 3 boys the same age almost as our 3 girls. "just come here for dinner!" i pleaded. yes, i had had a crazy day. we had just returned from disneyland at midnight that morning. my house was a wreck. i had commitments that evening. but we usually only see them once a year, so i jumped on the opportunity. and oh! it was wonderful.  i even got them to stay the night! the kids played till 10:30pm, laughing and giggling and having a grand time. we stayed up talking and laughing and it was just like we were college roommates again. even though it was absolutely crazy, i'm so grateful for these moments of friendship. 

i believe that the Lord blesses us when we do what is right. although i have led a far from perfect life, i have tried, and sometimes struggled very hard to make the correct choices. usually they are small and seemingly insignificant choices, that have added up over the years to make up the course of my life. how do i know they were right? because of the peace that i live with, and the blessings in return.

i think the Lord has chosen to bless me with friends. i am so grateful for all of them. from my childhood friends that i rode banana bikes with,  my best girlfriends from high school, my bosom friends of college years, my many friends i've made from neighbors, church, work, family  and even blogging friends. i don't know what exactly i've done to deserve all of them, but i treasure each & every one of them. and they all have blessed my life. what a rich fullfilling world to be surrounded with friends.

if you are reading this, and you think i'm talking about you, i am.

so thanks!


4 months

  and he finally found his feet.
blowing spit bubbles is his favorite past time...well, behind drinking bosom soup.
in case you were wondering, yes, he is ginormous.
 now is that not his daddy's smile or what?
i love this little dude. i'd love him even more if he didn't drool through 5 bibs a day. 
but as my mother always says, beggars can't be choosers.

beep beep

that is the sound the road runner makes as he wizzes past wylie coyote. 
i feel like i'm wylie and my life is the roadrunner. i just can't catch up. 
and so, thanks to my camera, here is our trip in pictures.
more words to come later when i've slept longer than 3 hours in a row.
 yes, disneyland. we went. we saw. it kicked my trash.
 the two oldest had a blast with all their aunts, uncles and cousins. 
it really was neat to be there all together again.
 phoebe enjoyed the first 2 hours. and that was all.
 abby soaked it all in while lucy turned into an ocd rideaholic
 of all the attractions at disneyland, the ducks were phoebe's favorite.
 the parade was my favorite part. great dancing. great music. and the girls almost peed their pants in excitement.
 little hot rod and i spent a lot of time in the hotel room nursing. he's awesome.
 riding the train
the one and only picture of moi
 meeting the princesses. phoebe did love this part, and i loved how she gooed up all their dresses with peanut butter and boogies. hilarious!
best. picture. ever.


seen and heard

"wow mom, you look really nice today, different than other days" -lucy
"oh, and how do i usually look?"
"you always look scary"- lucy

at zumba,
"is your husband back yet?" (from hunting)
"yes!"- me
"did you miss him?"
"um, how many years have you been married?" -me
"then would you understand if i said "no"?" -me
all of us "hahahahahahahahaha"

answer the phone on a saturday afternoon, it's my brother bill:
"hey. what's up"- bill
"nothing, what are you doing?" (kids screaching and running around me)-me
"wait, where are you, chuck e' cheese?" -bill
"nope, this is just what our house sounds like"-me

many ways i've had to finish a phone call now that i'm a mom:

"oh sarah, i've got to go, phoebe's eating sunscreen"

"eddie! NO! eddie! NO! come back! crap, i got to go"

"phoebe, please don't pick that up, phoebe! phoebe! can i call you back?"

"wait! is that poop? ugh! put it down! oh, can i call you back?"

*via pinterest


in a blog funk and i just don't care

*abby took this photo

lately i've had a lot of things on my mind. and there are more than a few things taking up my time other than writing.

  • pinterest. you heard me, i finally caught up with the craze. gone are the days of clipping out magazine pages and gluing them in a notebook. i'm addicted i tell you.
  • foyle's war. my parents finally got me to borrow it to get me through my single mom days of hunting season. i love it and i highly recommend it (if you enjoy world war II history, which i do)
  • general conference. twice a year my church has a conference where we get direction from our Prophet and leaders. we believe in modern day revelation, and their words are like salve for my soul. i felt like my Heavenly Father was personally speaking to me. my favorite talks so far were this one and ESPECIALLY  this one.  i put the talks on my ipod and listen to them when i clean. for 6 months i'm amazed at how much just a few minutes can help me relax and reprioritize my life. 
  • improving myself. i've find with 4 kids that my weaknesses are magnified by 1,000%. so the fact that i'm not very organized, and we don't communicate our schedules just doesn't cut it anymore. so far i have on my "learn to be better at list" is:
    • keep a clean house. not a "perfect" house, but not a pig sty. which mine currently is.
    • keep a clean car. somehow, somewhere in parenthood years my car turned into the family trash can.
    • send out thank you and birthday cards. seriously, every day i say i'm going to do this and i don't. and then i think about you all day long about your birthday and all the fond memories i have. like i don't have 2 minutes to send a card. i do!
    • eliminate emotional eating. you mom's know exactly what i'm talking about. i'm really tired of only fitting into 4 outfits.
  • i found the perfect, portable sound system for zumba. now i just need lots of $$$$ to pay for it. i'm currently thinking up a fun ZUMBA! fundraiser for it. so yes, you should come.
  • prayer. i find i'm so tired my prayers are all mumbo jumbo. i want to be more specific and sincere. 
  • sticking to our grocery budget. now when i finally get there i have a babysitter watching the kids and i'm all crazy fast like and well, impulse buys are what kill me.
what are you currently working on right now?


    nothing to say

    autumn is here. it is raining and drizzly and wet wet wet. 
    that is the 2 days of autumn we get.
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