thrifty and thirty

i bought these when i saw them on cup of jo. i think i liked them, but i mainly just loved them because they are from england. i guess i'm an anglophile. so fast forward 2 years later, yes 2, and i made a trip to the local thrift store. i knew that i would find something special that day, and find i did. this huge frame with perfect glass for $5. five dolares? what? i know, it was insane. i kind of love how the old people don't realize how much stuff is worth (woops!). i also purchased an awesome mid century samsonite suitcase set for $4. four! (lots of exlamation marks in this post apparently)

so i spent all of the craftiness i had in me and put together this collage, and i might have found another frame for $7 and am making another one. ok, i am! anyways, i feel so proud after creating something. it doesn't happen often around here. unless you count creating children, cuz that seems to happen a lot.

anyhoos, i've had a great week that started off with a surprise visit from my sisters! it made everything great and was the best pre-30 birthday present i could ever get. 
yes, you heard that right, i am turning 30 in the next 7 days.
that sounds weird, thirty. thirty. thirty.
(the rocking chair was free and i painted that in march. crafty again!)

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Tammy said...

wow, not yet 30 huh? the 30s were GREAT. Awesome. You will love them. And so far (1.5 years in) the 40s are pretty great too :). Cheer up! Lots of enjoyable living ahead :). Happy Birthday!

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