i want to remember what it was like when i turned 30. i still can't believe it, although i must say i've always looked forward to my 30's. my mom always told me, "thirties are wonderful. you care more about what really matters, and less about what doesn't". sounds good to me.

1. i woke up that morning tired (status quo) and scrambling to get lucy out the door. she started to argue with me and i said, "i'm not arguing with you on my birthday". end of story.
2. the morning was not going well. screaming kids, messy house, not sleeping baby. i finally got rodney to sleep and my friend called me, "hey, bring your kids to the park, now!" so i did, and there waiting for me was a surprise birthday breakfast with lots of lovely friends. totally made my day. i couldn't ask for better friends.
3. i feel totally overwhelmed, like, everyday. i told my mom, "you know, i should have written everything down when i had 2 kids, because i knew what i was doing back then". seriously, no clue what i'm doing. at.all.
4. i'm very grateful for my life, my husband, my 4 beautiful children, my cozy house, and lately, my electric blanket. it's cold here!
5. i'm very, very, very blessed to have my Faith and my church.
6. i can't keep a clean house. i need to go to rehab for messy people. ah! drives me nutsos.
7. i love to dance, and zumba is keeping me sane. i haven't started running yet (i worry about milk supply), but zumba and pilates is finally starting to make a difference.
8. 5 out of my 6 siblings called me for my birthday, and the other one facebooked me. world record!
9. i worry about parenting on an hourly basis. it's hard to not fear all the mistakes i've made, and use my faith to keep trying and learning new things.
10. i'm a lot less judgemental about other people. that's the blessing of lots of kids, you don't ahve time to worry about anyone else. but. i'm still pretty judgemental when it comes to people choosing to mess up their lives. doing drugs and other crap that is stupid drives me insane.maybe in my 40's it won't bother me as much.
11. rodney sucked out my reading mojo. besides my scriptures, i've only read 1 book in 4 months. gasp. horror! it was a good one though. thanks joshlyn!
12. speaking of rodney, i am totally and completely gaga over him. i told ty, "i hope you know i have a new boyfriend".  it wasn't a surprise to ty, he sees me making out with rodney everyday. you think i'm exaggerating, but i'm not. he's got the softest most kissable cheeks and neck rolls in the world.
13. he eats, a LOT. and is totally spoiled. his sickness turned him into a "i will only nurse to sleep and must be held all hours of the day" kind of baby. sleep training is coming soon, heaven help me.
14. on my birthday he had his first cereal. my goodness that boy! by the last bite he was grabbing my hand and shoving the spoon into his mouth. guess i waited a little too long.
15. i'm kind of sad that he's eating cereal now, they just grow up too fast.
16. speaking of babies, i had the most vivid dream last night. i birthed another boy right in our living room. not on purpose of course, my water broke and i had it right then and there. let me tell you, this dream was so real, the pressure! the pushing! i forgot how much work it is to deliver a baby. i felt so guilty for having another baby that i scrubbed the floor by myself instead of nursing the baby. weirdest dream EVER.
17. i am really struggling with meals lately. i used to be really awesome at dinner time. good, healthy, different meals. and now it's 5pm and i'm like, "oh snap, i have to feed everyone again?"
18. ty really did me a solid this year and bought me pie! i love pie and i totally pigged out. poor rodney is still suffering.
19. speaking of ty, he asked me what i wanted for my birthday, and i said, "finish the laundry room!" i'm so excited to get it done, since everyone can see it when they come into our kitchen. it's a walkway to the bedrooms.
20. we live in a small town, and i mean smaaallll. which i absolutely love. ty and i really give an effort to support the local businesses. which is hard considering everything is less expensive in town, but we keep really trying.
21. i've recently had some competition as a zumba instructor (remember, small town). at first i was so excited to be able to go to someone else's class on my day off. but no bueno, their classes are right before mine, or right at dinner time. the plus side of it all is that it has upped my game. new songs, new routines, new sound system. don't mess with my competitive side because i tend to bring it. hahaha, i sound awful.
22. i still want to play the piano better, and someday learn to play the guitar.
23. ty and i can't wait till our kids are old enough to go camping again. it's been hard to miss 2 summers in a row.
24. i've found that i'm so tired i am repeat story teller. you know, i'll tell you the same story multiple times. i'm also so tired that, well, i can't even think of good examples that's how tired i am.
25. i like to clean with an apron on. i have a pocket for all of the hair clippies, rubber bands, a phone. it makes me feel more productive too.
26.  i just realized i can't even think of 30 things about me and i'm talking about my kids a lot.
27. so pinterest, i'm pretty sure i spend hours on that thing (insert messy house) and will only do .00002% of the projects/recipes i find.
28. this birthday was the best one i've had in a while. no sick kids. 2 parties. woohoo!
29. my roses are doing very well, thanks to my mom the rose expert. need to plant more next spring.
30. i'm just happy to be me. i'm quirky and loud and spontaneous and i love to have fun. i love making my house better and playing with my kids. i love making new friends and learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i'm a mother of four, a wife, a dancer, a writer and a mormon. (i just made my own mormonad!)


Cate said...

I am so glad you had a Happy Birthday!!

Laurie Smith said...

Happy Happy Birthday Annie baby! You are a great mom! You have four kids! They are beautiful! They are healthy! You're doing great!

Trent & Tara said...

Happy bday again, great job thinking about 30 things that is a lot. this post was great. I always try to write down more of what I feel and stuff based on your posts. You do wanna be able to look back.

Katie said...

Loved this post. Years down the road you'll be happy you recorded stuff like this.

Happy birthday!

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