all i can think about when i see this picture is "fat man in a little coat...fat man in a little coat!"

rodney and ty terril are 6 weeks apart.
their dads are best friends.
their dads were born 5 weeks apart.
their mommies really like each other too. so the plan to make them bff's is solid.
you see, tyson and mike were little trouble makers growing up.
baptized same day.
became eagle scouts the same day.
missions. marriage. daughters...and now they each have a son!
i don't think we could have planned it better if we tried.
danielle and i both know these two little dudes were meant to come when they did. 
they've both got some important shoes to fill in the years ahead.
hooray for friends. now if they just lived a little closer...


Terril Family said...

Oh I love it! BFF's for sure!!!

Trent & Tara said...

fat man in a little coat...is right...oh i love it though. this is a cute post. talk about some pressure for the little men. lol.

Mady said...

This is what my dad and I thought of when we saw this picture: http://www.balloonmaniacs.com/images/poohbigaslifeheliumballoon.jpg

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