boo boo boo (exlamation mark)

despite the lack of blogging, we are all alive here at the leavitt household. barely. we have sickness after sickness after sickness. but enough whining, let's talk about halloween. i love halloween because it is in the fall, my favorite season of all. i love the smell of autumn and the crisp air that comes through our windows at night. i love that i haven't had to run our a/c unit for 3 weeks. our house was decorated and we had a fabulous time, despite a sick 2 year old with a raging ear infection. again, no more complaining, we attempted to get pictures of all of them in costumes, and phoebe ended up staying in it and even went trick or treating with us. which is good, because i really didn't want to stay home alone with sick kids again. that stinks like rotten eggs.
tinkerbell and a white rabbit (we totally forgot abby's wings and she didn't even care!)
pictures do not do rodney justice. he was so stinking cute as a skunk! pun intended.
fancy nancy, tink, skunk, bunny
i love this picture
we actually ended up having an awesome night with "real" trick or treating with kids wandering around the streets at night and happy people smiling at the costumes and handing out candy (i'm so done with community trunk or treats), and lots of visits to grandparents' houses.
and now it's all over and i'm working on putting up thanksgiving decor (which i barely have any of) and dreaming about baking pies.


Bowler Family said...

Awwww...such cuties!!

Melanie said...

Glad you guys got to have some fun. The kids look like they enjoyed it. Especially Rodney! :) Happy Birthday!!!!

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