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 hello little blog. do you miss me? i miss you. now that the captain is sleeping more, and he sleeps in the office with the computer, blogging and internet usage is at a minimum.  want to buy us an ipad for christmas? anyways, here is what we've been up to.

a few saturdays ago ty rented a lift from the hardware store to trim our trees. he and his grandpa adams worked all day long on our trees. we have lots of trees on our property (what a blessing, but a lot of work), 25 of them are cottonwoods with dead limbs. so from 8am to 6pm they cut and cut and cut. ty has been spending the last 2 weeks every night after work hauling the limbs off the property. i love that man.
 grandpa adams was the "operator"
 saturdays' are big work days here at the house. so any trips without kids has to be prearranged. friday night i told tyson, "all i need to do tomorrow is go to the thrift store". i had a feeling i would score something good.  and score i did! look at what i purchased:
 one brand new couch, 3 dining chairs in great condition, 1 dish set, 2 unique plates, 4 silver plated serving trays, 1 glass serving tray. all in 20 minutes. i'm totally hooked on thrift store deals.
 our good friends mike and danielle terril stopped by for a visit saturday night. danielle and i had a great time talking about how hard it is to raise little souls, while mike and ty planted our two desert willow trees. it was so cute i tried to take a picture. ty was driving the backhoe, mike was holding his baby and spraying wiht the hose, and eddy was protecting everyone from the mechanical monster (he tries to bite the bucket).
we had a nice relaxing sunday, which is a blessing after all that hard saturday work. ty fed rodney while i got ready for church, and it was so cute i had to get a picture. the captain's like, "dude, put the camera down mom and let me eat!" rodney is eating cereal twice a day now and is sleeping a "little" better. i would like to request he sleep a "lot" better.

other than the previous things we had a great 4 day weekend. veteran's day parade with chandra, our wonderful babysitter all day friday so i could get stuff done, date night friday with the captain tagging along. catching up with old friends at a beautiful wedding reception. native american day at the museum. we've had a wonderful week.

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Trent & Tara said...

that couch is fabulous great find with all of those chairs. yay. we need to trim our trees too.

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