6 months of gratitude

little rodney byron has been on this earth for 6 whole months now.
ty always gets mad at me, because this is the part where i gasp, "can you believe it?!" 
and then i get all psycho and don't feed him his vegetables because i don't want him to grow up.
but that's a different post for a different time.

my back is starting to hurt from lugging around our {not-so-little} love chunk. he is so huge! as of this morning he weighs 21lbs (on our scale at home) & wears 12-18 mo old clothes now. i know, crazy talk. but it is all true. he's a large baby boy, and it makes me sad and pleased all at the same time. does that make sense?

 isn't he a total stud?

so today, on his 6 month mark, i am grateful.
for our beautiful boy that was given to us.
for all of the friends and family that have showered us with help and love (and boy stuff!).
for my husband and daughters.
for all of the challenges we haved faced with this baby. because it has stretched me to lengths i never knew i could go and beyond.
i will always be grateful for my baby boy- because he made me turn to my Savior for help. and my heart will never be the same again.

i am looking forward to enjoying these next 6 months.
because the first baby year is just so deliciously perfect.

*on a "growing out of clothes note", because i can't keep up with rodney's growth. my beautiful next door neighbor Tiffany graced us with ALL of their baby boy clothes. i literally cried tears when i saw the boxes. the best part? they smell just like her house, heavenly. and the girls everyday ask, "was that leo's?" "was that eli's?" and then they ooh and ahh over them.  i love that we still can feel so close to them even though there is 500 miles between us.


Trent & Tara said...

Happy 1/2 bday widdle wodney!!

my name is becky kelly said...

he is one cute kid! most of mine were in 12-18 clothes by 6-9 months! not hailey! she's 19 almost 20 months and she's still sportin a couple of 12-18 clothes! but mostly 18-24. yay for 6 months! and double yay for hand-me-downs!

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