in passing may i suggest,

* ty and i kicked off our holiday movie tradition with this one. it is one of our favorites. joe juniah!

*i want bangs. i want them badly. i want a lot of things but those sound more affordable than an ipad.

* i officially arrived in housewifery. i had a tupperware party.  their stuff is pretty amazing.

* had fun hanging out till late with my neighbors. those girls kill me everytime.

*there are bloggers that i start to follow, and then i can barely stand to read them. some it only takes a few posts of reading, some years. i don't know if it's that i'm tired of their style of writing or i'm completely jealous at their following. nat the fat rat... no thanks. but cjane i read for a long time and now hardly remember she has a blog...but i just read her birth story. holy cow i don't even know what to think.

*i have been losing a little bit of weight with this baby...and it's been nice. i work out 4-5 times a week and it's starting to make a difference.  i still have 20lbs to lose and would like to do it by rodney's 9 month mark.

*my zumba class and tara's pilates class were in the local paper last week!

*i have really been enjoying this holiday season. our house looks nice and festivelike. and my heart feels like it bursting with joy. glory to God! glory to God! i want to sing to everyone (but my kids forbid me from singing outside of the home. just ask jed wheeler why singing is not one of my talents)

*hunting season 2011 is over. hallelujah. huzzah. goodgraciousi'mgladit'sover.

*i have some fun less-expensive but thoughtful diy christmas gifts i'm planning to make and hope i don't pull a major nosedive like i have in past years and then go out and buy giftcards. blech.

*my niece is getting married in january. i'm sorry, my NIECE is getting married? she was one of my flower girls! holly golly that makes me feel old. besides that, we are so excited to go up to Reno for the wedding. we love reno trips.

*toffee. what is the secret aunt lynne? i either grossly undercook it or overcook it till it's crunchy. luckily ty and the kids will eat anything with chocolate on it.

*we live on 2+ acres and that means mice. yuck! i swear those little buggers crap on only the things that i need to use on purpose. i found the perfect mouse trap bait though, after you make toffee, or any other candy type food that hardens, use the leftovers to coat the trigger- let it harden and the set your traps. works everytime and you don't have to replace any bait! they can't resist the buttery goodness. (if you don't bake you can also chew up some cheap gum, wrap it on there and let dry.


Bowler Family said...

My dad can set bait stations for you, for the mice. Or stop feeding your cats! :)

Emily said...

Bangs would be adorable on you!

Cjane is my new hero!

And I am so glad that you are enjoying this holiday season.

As usual, I love your blog!

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