losing pickles

our favorite kitty pickles has been with us since we've moved to our little home here. she's been gone now for a few weeks (a tragedy our neighbors told us that would befall an outdoor cat here).  unfortunately i'm pretty sure she was coyote food. the other girls don't seem to mind, but poor lucy has been in mourning. i found this while cleaning just now:

*face looks: tired. how sad is that? poor pickles. i miss her too.


The Leavitts said...

I am laughing, but only cause that is really cute! We are on cat number 12 and 13 at this house and when they "get ate" I just dont feel to sad anymore!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Oh that's tragic, poor pickles. Do you know how many cat tributes I have in my childhood journal? I feel your pain Lucy. Have you tried calling animal control? And amen to the tired part. And didn't she just get fixed?

Melanie said...

Oh sad! Poor Lucy!

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