photo booth moments

 whenever rodney wears this hat i think, "harry! you're hands are freezing!" 
(please, somebody know what i'm talking about)

i love my days spent with this sweet little girl. she is sandwhiched between one brilliant but bossy 7 year old and our hyperactive wildflower 2 year old. our favorite pasttime now is napping together on my bed. it seems like august will be here before i know it.


one of my favorite quotes

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
marianne williamson



the kids are asleep. ty and i are relaxing, i have a few minutes to write. but really, i think i might just go to bed. so many thoughts rolling around inside my head- i feel like just numbing them out with slumber.

my posts have succombed to bullets on what has been going on. so maybe i'll take a few minute to actually write.

this week has been a good one for our little family. nothing spectacular, nothing drastic. we all came down with a cold which kept us from being able to visit my friend Willow and her girls till Saturday. we spent almost 3 hours at the park visiting and it was wonderful. but it also just felt like ripping off a bandaid off a wound that hasn't healed. the girls miss her girls so very much. i miss her calm spirit so very much. every friend has a spot in my life and her spot is empty when she's gone all the way up in utah. i wish i could walk into her living room again, plop down on the carpet and talk to her about everything and nothing all at once.

the house is coming along a little at a time. the more corners and drawers i get organized the more motivated i am to just finish! this house already. paint baseboards, finish the laundry room, master bath and phoebe's closet. then we can just work on putting in a yard. oh how i long for a back yard where i can watch my kids run and play from the kitchen window in grass instead on top of piles of old 2x4's.

i've been thinking a lot about keeping commandments and blessings. it seems as though everytime i read the scriptures that is what keeps mingling in my head. keep the commandments and you will be blessed. and then i get thinking, well what commandments are hard for me to keep?  the first one i thought on was keeping the sabbath holy.  so that is my goal this month, to try and dedicate the day to the Lord as much as possible (while still feeding, tending and cleaning up the kids). i feel selfish wanting more blessings then i already have, but goodness it would be nice.

i'm still working on 2 loads of laundry a day (except on sundays) and oh crap it sounds so simple and is so hard. baby steps though. i love my children. i love my husband. i love my home. i love my friends. i love our families. i feel so grateful for all that i have right now and don't feel like i deserve one single bit of it.



all of the girls have been the same about their babies and blankies. they love them and love them and have to have them with them at bedtimes and when they are feeling sick or traveling.

they're not called "security" blankets for nothin!

luckily we have a front loader now and the owner can keep close watch on their valuables while they wash. oh the tantrums we had with the old washing machine. 25 minutes just couldn't pass soon enough!


seen and heard: daddy edition

"do you like my new sign?" -me
"um, yeah. where did you get it?" - ty
"at a yard sale for 50 cents, then i spray painted it" - me
"it's cool, but what does it mean?" - ty
"it says, LOVE." - me
" i know that, but what does it mean?"- ty
"love. love. it says love" - me
"i know, but what does it mean?" - ty
"oh nevermind!" - me

"look, i covered up the water heater with a curtain! do you like it?" -me
"eh"- ty
"you don't like the curtain?" - me
"curtains have no function"- ty
( i guess he likes the giant metallic water heater look)

we hired a babysitter for saturday so we could go on a hike together to exercise. i look out the backwindow and the fourwheelers are out there.
"what are you doing with the fourwheelers?" -me
"well, we have to ride them to get to the hike. did you think we were going to drive?"- ty
"well yeah, i didn't think this was a ride/hike"- me
"what, are you afraid you don't know how to ride one anymore?"- ty
"no! of course i do!"- to which i put my helmet on a turn the fourwheeler on. i'll show him!

i swear that man just enjoys getting me riled up.

gotta love the helmet hair we both are sportin'


you'll just have to wait now.

i narrowed down my resolutions al little, or i guess i defined them a little more:

  • i have resolved to wash and put away two loads of laundry a day. sounds simple right? well, it is surprisingly difficult to get clothes put away!

  • and also to have 5 minute pick ups of the bedrooms every day. the girls have caught on fast.

  • and also also, to turn off my computer during the day.

this has been a hard one. i check my email in the morning. check a few sites, and then, power off. (gasp!)

i've started to make lists during the day for when the kids are in bed: "things to look up on pinterest today". like, good chicken thigh recipes. and tv stand furniture plans. and dishwasher prices. and activity day ideas for church.

let me tell you, i get so much more done during the day now. it's actually kind of embarassing.but i also ahve so much to write down and not enough time.

like how ty and i have been having so many fun dates together.

and how i got pulled over for speeding by two policemen!

and how our heater broke in our house as soon as it got cold here.

but you'll have to wait till i have time to write all these goodies down. and in the meantime, enjoy phoebe in her tutu. and yes, she's totally buck underneath. that silly girl.


a few things for the weekend

-this article was good. really good. read it. it usually doesn't bother me when older people advise me to "enjoy it now!", but when parents say, "enjoy it now, it only gets worse when they grow up!"  it peeves.

-i finally read this book. joshlyn has been on me for years to read it. she finally gave in a gave it to me for christmas.  oh, it was just perfect. but warning,  make sure you are either sick or have a few days to just lie on the couch. i could not put it down. 

-my brother and his neighbors all had to evacuate due to this fire.  bless those poor people that lost their homes.

-ty and i have watched this trailer probably 100 times. ever since we saw fantastic mr. fox we are wes anderson fans. it's kind of addicting. rodney's getting old enough for us to go out of town on dates, so this movie is going to be one of them. i doubt it's coming to our little pioneer theatre : )

-do you ever have outfits that you wear that you feel semi-comfortable with after having a baby? for the entire time i nurse my body stays squishy and wiggly. i think it is really good at storing food for emergency preparedness. this makes it difficult to find things that fit well and look nice at the same time. so i wore said "nice" outfit to the wedding, and wow. holy bad pictures batman.
 whenever this happens it sparks my body image weirdness that i used to have and i want to diet now! and lose weight now! and never look like that again!. but then i take a deep breath, embrace reality and realize i am just fine and will lose it all eventually. 

-on monday rodney cut his first tooth! and lucy lost another front tooth! i officially declared the day "TOOTHDAY!" and lucy responded with her hands on her hips, "no mom, it's monday."  

- we still haven't taken family pictures and i'm starting to panic. rodney is getting so big! the girls are already outgrowing their christmas dresses! ty and i don't have hardly any pictures of us together! but it will happen. we were going to take them a few weeks ago and my SIL's camera broke! sad day.  

here is the best recent picture i have of ty and me. he is hot no? 
(rodney, stop sticking out that stinkin tongue!)

-i've been cleaning like a mad woman. organizing and tossing everything. i usually feel like this every january, but when we were at the challis' house abby and ty were playing in the room and abby looked around, sighed and said, "it is clean here!" ouch.

-zumba and pilates are going awesome. word of mouth it spreading like wildfire and women are coming! and we have a large high school crowd coming now too! it actually makes me more nervous when a lot of new people come. because what if they don't like it? what if they don't like the moves? songs? me? ahhh! it's like one giant rejection! and can i tell you how hard it is to find popular, fun songs that are clean? very hard. so i felt badly when i busted out the john denver cool down song, but hey. it was a sunny day and i wanted to celebrate.

-i truly think being mormon just makes you more inventive. growing up we couldn't swear in the house, just like most other kids of our faith. and after generations of this we adapted to fit in. natural selection is real my friends.  watch this video. it's hilarious. growing up my brothers always said, "son of a biscuit!"

happy weekend!


cherished memories

most days i try really hard to be a good parent to my children. i sacrifice a lot in their part to try and do the right thing. a social life, a rock hard body, vacations,  shaved legs. you know, a lot!  i play games with them and dance silly dances and take them on walks and play dates and to museums and read them books and try try try to be nice even when i'm tired and cranky. but, before you start thinking i'm wonder mom, i also make a lot of mistakes and worry about those on  a constant basis.

but every once in a while, you get a little golden sliver of the future and really realize that you are doing an awesome job as a mom. and you think, "all of this IS worth it! they are going to turn out after all!". and those are cherished, cherished moments.

like yesterday, while cleaning the girls room i found this drawing and thought,

"i think i just might be the best mom that i know".

seriously, how could you not think that after seeing this?:


road trip o' twelve

cleaned all the laundry. packed all the bags. took a trip to the library to stock up. loaded up with snacks. and jumped into the car at 5am. we were off to reno! for jessie's wedding.
 first stop: tonopah, nevada. it was like, 25 degrees.

i love these old mining towns. ty and i chalked up the mizpah for our next 'alone' trip destination.
 what a beautiful bride and cool groom. they were beaming. 
(i like this photo because it looks like jerry's touching her butt. haha)

cousin ellie and phoebe

jared. jessica. jill. and my brother russ.
it was such a fun day being able to see them sealed and then watching all the cousins play together at the reception. we, of course, wished that more curtis family could have been there. the trip turned yucks by saturday morning when the babies didn't sleep the ENTIRE night and the phoebe terrorized the challis' house (who graciously hosted us) and woke up the entire household. we turned the trip short and traveled halfway home that night, which turned out a smart decision as rodney barfed all sunday morning (yes! it was awesome! and i have no idea where it came from)

a road trip with kids, is just that, a trip that looks like this:
 crazy crazy crazy. and yes, the girls pulled their arms out of their straps while we were driving. argh.
when adults complain about a "long car drive" to get somewhere i just crack up inside. really? It was hard for you to just sit and listen to music and/or read for 10 hours? somebody call the wambulance. traveling with 4 kids & two of them in diapers and one with car motion sickness is like getting your wisdom teeth pulled without novocaine. the entire time i remembered, "so this is why i always stay home all day long, every single day of the week!" but alhtough there were times where i didn't buckle up because death sounded better then enduring more crying, and i think i need to see a chiropractor after turning around in my seat five thousand times to pick up a dolly or binky or hand a snack, 

i'm really happy that we went.

i realized how much i miss russ and jill and their kids. it's hard to have family live far away.

we always love visiting reno and the kids all in all did travel well. rodney had a hard time falling asleep without nursing, but we just endured little 8 minutes crying sessionsm(which felt like an eternity) for 2 hours of peace.  abby finally traveled well after we dosed her up with dramamine for her car sickness.  phoebe and lucy worked up a little "tossing" game to share snacks and toys. phoebe would just fling it over her head to her, and lucy would fling it in return. it was hilarious. we played 20 questions and even daddy joined the game. ty and i talked a lot and i found out some important facts, like he hates ruffles on my clothes. ruffles! and he loves it when i wear plain white button up shirts. guess i need to take a trip to DI and stock up. hehehe.

*sorry mel, i hardly took any pictures. : (



we celebrated our little abby leigh's 5th birthday yesterday. i'm a little bewildered that she is 5 already! but excited, as i think 5 is a wonderful year. she invited two little friends to come over and celebrate with family and (i'm hoping) all had a good time.

she wanted a princess themed party and i was happy to oblige. before we had rodney i was pretty anti-princess with everything. i think i just felt like i was drowning in pink, purple, blinged out tiaras and heavily cleavaged disney characters. but yesterday i threw all caution to the wind and gave abby what she wanted. she was in heaven all day long.we had scrambled eggs for breakfast, watched schoolhouse rock, she had a personal lunch date with grandma and grandpa leavitt, watched mulan during her party and had lots of family call and wish her a happy day.

a castle cake:
all dressed up for her princess party (she wanted to wear her NEW dress instead, not a hand me down!)
i let her decorate it with as many gaudy princesses as she wanted, but i think she chose wisely.
the candles were proving to be a challenge.
you've come a long way baby abby. and we love your sweet and calm spirit. i especially love all the songs that you sing in the bathtub.

*ps* i think i'm done having the older kids' birthdays on their actual birthday. instead of lying around playing card games, i let her watch tv and i cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and finished the cake.
*pps* i let abby dress herself so she is usually walking around in teeny tiny shorts and short sleeved shirts in the middle of december. but it totally paid off as she got tons of new clothes from everyone. ha! i think everyone was starting to get concerned : )


not enough time. not enough pictures.

 *don't mind the scary mommy in this picture. look at his smile. swoon.

little rodney is growing up like a weed in the desert.
fast and strong and can shoot up 2 more feet during the night.

poor little dude barely ever gets any pictures taken of us together. but you know, i don't feel that sorry for him. i was the youngest of 7 kids, guess how many pictures i have of me as a baby? yeah, try like 4.

*ps. i have more wrinkles than my sisters & i'm the youngest. what's up with that?


a few things already

life hit superwarp speed around here and i just can't seem to keep up:

i found this picture that ty took in december
  • rodney is 6 months. 6! he'll be 7 months next week. shut the front door.
  • he's now in the age of new tricks. so yesterday, was growling, growling in the morning, growling while nursing (i have no idea how, but he did). growling while eating cereal. today is talking, badabaddadadabadababa. love it.
  • phoebe is blossoming into even more (!) of a personality. she currently has been walking around saying baby jesus over and over again in a strange monster voice. kind of like the kid from Overboard.
  • i read this, this morning. i really like her thoughts. i really like the post. somehow the "essential" things get drowned out by the "nice to do" things every day around here.
  • i've decided i don't like the whole "january resolution" thing. because i feel like i'm constantly trying new goals and to be better. i feel sad that everyone tries to be better at everything! all at once! and 90% of them fail. every. year. that is disheartening.
  • we've put an advertisement in the paper to get people to come try our classes (tara's pilates and my zumba). so far i've had one, one! new person. gagh, all that money down the drain. 
  • ty is crazy busy with work and boy scouts and all the housework that has to be done. he is almost done retiling the master bath.
  • lucy can ride her bike! she wants to ride her bike to the bus stop and leave it there for when she gets home. you would totally laugh if you knew where our bus stop was. like, 30 yards from our house. 
  • she has taken off in her reading too. meaning: i find her sneaking off after dinner to the couch to read instead of doing the dishes. i'm so proud!
  • abby will start kindergarten in 8 months. this makes my heart ache. i hate to see them grow up and leave. things are never quite the same after that.  
  • she still can be found singing songs and dancing (and using the couch as a jungle gym. argh). her new hobby is making "drawings" for me and daddy and taping them up by our bed. it is so stinking sweet.
  • our friends came over the other day and said, "oh, your house is looking so good!", to which abby replied, "yeah, mom is getting really crafty". hahahaha.
  • we now have a tv in our bedroom. i said i would NEVER, no NEVER have one in our room. but you know what? it's really nice to watch, or should i say, listen to pride and prejudice while i fold the laundry.
  • my sister in law's pilates class has saved my life. i'm so grateful to have a strength workout to go to in our little town. you really should try it. ps: know that i couldn't do half of it my first time either!
  • dancing makes me so happy. and i mean, really really happy. my vocabulary sucks right now ok? somedays i can't wait to get out the door and do zumba (i hate that word). but i'm very grateful i found it and happy to share it with others. i've never had a workout that makes me smile so much. i'm hoping rodney will be trilingual from all the spanish and portuguese songs i make him bounce on my hip to.
  • i finally finished the my accelerated reading of the Book of Mormon for christmas time. (better late then never right?) it was more than wonderful. i hope to write about it soon when i have more time.


family time

for at least 5 years (that ty and i can remember), every new years day we go on an outdoor excursion with the adams family cousins. the girls love it and we have a lot of fun just sitting around visiting. this year we had to have a short trip because of commitments for new years eve (since new years day fell on our sabbath). even though we could see our houses from where we were, it was still a lot of fun. 
and not too bad of weather. i must say, this years weather during the holidays has been more than marvelous.
lucy, abby and uncle taylor up in the narrows
we found phoebe's eye twin, cousin mads
rodney, our little himilayan baby. that tongue!
adams family girls (minus austrie in canada)
i tried to protect rodneys ears during the shooting.
i love this picture. phoebe really likes those two
grandpa adams is a total stud
*thanks aunt corinne for the pictures. i was lazy and didn't take a single one!
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