cherished memories

most days i try really hard to be a good parent to my children. i sacrifice a lot in their part to try and do the right thing. a social life, a rock hard body, vacations,  shaved legs. you know, a lot!  i play games with them and dance silly dances and take them on walks and play dates and to museums and read them books and try try try to be nice even when i'm tired and cranky. but, before you start thinking i'm wonder mom, i also make a lot of mistakes and worry about those on  a constant basis.

but every once in a while, you get a little golden sliver of the future and really realize that you are doing an awesome job as a mom. and you think, "all of this IS worth it! they are going to turn out after all!". and those are cherished, cherished moments.

like yesterday, while cleaning the girls room i found this drawing and thought,

"i think i just might be the best mom that i know".

seriously, how could you not think that after seeing this?:


Emily said...

You really ARE the best! So so funny! Such is the life of a mom. Someday she will TOTALLY understand.

Have a Happy Day, anyway! :)

Melanie said...

Oh! Annie! :)

Whitney Baldwin said...

Now that is a treasure for sure.

Seriously laughed so hard I peed a little! Your kids are awesome. And so are you.

Anonymous said...

I have found a treasure or two just like that! We are the best moms ever!

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