a few things already

life hit superwarp speed around here and i just can't seem to keep up:

i found this picture that ty took in december
  • rodney is 6 months. 6! he'll be 7 months next week. shut the front door.
  • he's now in the age of new tricks. so yesterday, was growling, growling in the morning, growling while nursing (i have no idea how, but he did). growling while eating cereal. today is talking, badabaddadadabadababa. love it.
  • phoebe is blossoming into even more (!) of a personality. she currently has been walking around saying baby jesus over and over again in a strange monster voice. kind of like the kid from Overboard.
  • i read this, this morning. i really like her thoughts. i really like the post. somehow the "essential" things get drowned out by the "nice to do" things every day around here.
  • i've decided i don't like the whole "january resolution" thing. because i feel like i'm constantly trying new goals and to be better. i feel sad that everyone tries to be better at everything! all at once! and 90% of them fail. every. year. that is disheartening.
  • we've put an advertisement in the paper to get people to come try our classes (tara's pilates and my zumba). so far i've had one, one! new person. gagh, all that money down the drain. 
  • ty is crazy busy with work and boy scouts and all the housework that has to be done. he is almost done retiling the master bath.
  • lucy can ride her bike! she wants to ride her bike to the bus stop and leave it there for when she gets home. you would totally laugh if you knew where our bus stop was. like, 30 yards from our house. 
  • she has taken off in her reading too. meaning: i find her sneaking off after dinner to the couch to read instead of doing the dishes. i'm so proud!
  • abby will start kindergarten in 8 months. this makes my heart ache. i hate to see them grow up and leave. things are never quite the same after that.  
  • she still can be found singing songs and dancing (and using the couch as a jungle gym. argh). her new hobby is making "drawings" for me and daddy and taping them up by our bed. it is so stinking sweet.
  • our friends came over the other day and said, "oh, your house is looking so good!", to which abby replied, "yeah, mom is getting really crafty". hahahaha.
  • we now have a tv in our bedroom. i said i would NEVER, no NEVER have one in our room. but you know what? it's really nice to watch, or should i say, listen to pride and prejudice while i fold the laundry.
  • my sister in law's pilates class has saved my life. i'm so grateful to have a strength workout to go to in our little town. you really should try it. ps: know that i couldn't do half of it my first time either!
  • dancing makes me so happy. and i mean, really really happy. my vocabulary sucks right now ok? somedays i can't wait to get out the door and do zumba (i hate that word). but i'm very grateful i found it and happy to share it with others. i've never had a workout that makes me smile so much. i'm hoping rodney will be trilingual from all the spanish and portuguese songs i make him bounce on my hip to.
  • i finally finished the my accelerated reading of the Book of Mormon for christmas time. (better late then never right?) it was more than wonderful. i hope to write about it soon when i have more time.

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The Good Ol Days said...

Just wanted you to know I think Pheobe is one cute little kiddo! I love to hear about all her little stunts and things. All your children are adorable! Happy New Year!!!

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