we celebrated our little abby leigh's 5th birthday yesterday. i'm a little bewildered that she is 5 already! but excited, as i think 5 is a wonderful year. she invited two little friends to come over and celebrate with family and (i'm hoping) all had a good time.

she wanted a princess themed party and i was happy to oblige. before we had rodney i was pretty anti-princess with everything. i think i just felt like i was drowning in pink, purple, blinged out tiaras and heavily cleavaged disney characters. but yesterday i threw all caution to the wind and gave abby what she wanted. she was in heaven all day long.we had scrambled eggs for breakfast, watched schoolhouse rock, she had a personal lunch date with grandma and grandpa leavitt, watched mulan during her party and had lots of family call and wish her a happy day.

a castle cake:
all dressed up for her princess party (she wanted to wear her NEW dress instead, not a hand me down!)
i let her decorate it with as many gaudy princesses as she wanted, but i think she chose wisely.
the candles were proving to be a challenge.
you've come a long way baby abby. and we love your sweet and calm spirit. i especially love all the songs that you sing in the bathtub.

*ps* i think i'm done having the older kids' birthdays on their actual birthday. instead of lying around playing card games, i let her watch tv and i cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and finished the cake.
*pps* i let abby dress herself so she is usually walking around in teeny tiny shorts and short sleeved shirts in the middle of december. but it totally paid off as she got tons of new clothes from everyone. ha! i think everyone was starting to get concerned : )


Melanie said...

Looks like she had an awesome birthday!! :)

Trent & Tara said...

Annie, that cake is fantasic great job...abby looks so proud to not be in a handmedown!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

How in the world is Abby 5? And that cake is amazing!

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