almost 8 months

he can sit all by himself for forever.
he can play by himself.
he can feed himself cheerios, and bananas, and soggy broccoli and apples.
he can drink from his sippy cup.
he can drool all day long, every day, through multiple bibs and outfits.
he can cut a tooth. and almost another one.
he can bite mommy 5 times. 5 times. the girls only bit me once a piece.
he can perfectly content until he sees mommy or daddy walk by, then he must be held immediately.
he can play in his ducky bathtub and splash the water.
he can use his pincer pinch.
he can handle being in the car like a champion.
he can pull your hair faster than a ninja.
he can never let go of your hair.
he can snuggle like all get out.
he can snore like a lumberjack.
he can already torture the dog and cat.
he can not sleep without his precious silky blanky.
he can chew on a binky.
he can not suck on a binky.
he can freak out when large and loud vehicles go by.
he can squeeze your sides with his chunky thighs when he gets excited.
he can not, under any circumstance keep his tongue inside his mouth. should i be worried?
he can play in his play pen every morning, afternoon, and evening, for up to 15 minutes. hallelujah!
he can not crawl yet (double hallelujah!)
he can melt your crusty hard heart in a second.

i wish this little man would stop growing for a while. i love this age.


Trent & Tara said...

he is so cute, what a stud. How can that be eight months ago? wow time flies

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! Didn't know you had a boy!

Hi from the R and S Johnson on your old street in Pr.

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