ty and i laugh everyday at phoebe's sweet little language she has. and i have to write it down before she starts to grow up. currently she is struggling with "L"'s (which my mom said i was exactly the same).

In the morning i open up her door (we have a doorknob child lock on her side) to her knocking. She smiles and says, "hi mom! i awake!"

feeriols- cereal/oatmeal
frawerbrerries!- strawberries/blueberries/any berry really
hi wucy- hi lucy
yots and yots- lots and lotsyegs-legs
skoobus!- schoolbus
castle-church or temple
tarving- starving
daybaby!- gray baby our cat
 i yove you!- i love you!
DADDY HOMMMMMEEEE!- daddy is home!
hi nama! hi dampa!- hi grandma! hi grandpa!
if you call her on the phone she will most definitely ask: "you awa comma my howus today?" you come over to my house today?

"i caaazzzyyy!" when she's overtired and we are dancing

"ahhh zumba!!!!" she loves to practice zumba with me

"i feeezing!"- after bathtime

besides all her funny talk, she is turning into a little con artist. she steals everyone's toys and candy. uses stools and chairs to get into the fridge and cupboards. smiles and winks when she's doing something wrong.  timeout works well for her and she actually sits the entire 2 minutes now. afterwards i ask her, " do you know why you went to timeout?" and she'll say "i ah hit abby" hahaha!

our favorite bedtime books right now are caps for sale, the very lonely firefly (with daddy only), go dog go and the little mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear.

favorite bedtime songs are edelweis, somewhere over the rainbow, twinkle twinkle little star.

she still sleeps in a crib.
she still wears diapers.
she still wears a bib.

*photo by jenni

this girl needs some serious hair tlc. anyone know a haircutter that trims feisty wildflowers?

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angela michelle said...

I think I'm in love with your Phoebe.

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