almost 9 months

*i'm not a fan of kissing pictures but i don't think these count.

almost army crawling- and got up onto his knees on sunday ( i hate it when they start to crawl)
top two teeth almost cut through
loves steamed carrots and any other type of food
bananas constipate
applesauce alleviates
can drink a sippy by himself (but usually just throws it)
good in the car
plays in his play pen (seen in background) 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes
loves his sisters to pieces
loves his DADDY!
loves to nurse
loves his silky blanky
loves music
loves getting his legs and arms stuck in the crib
loves finding out how things work
can say dada
and mamamamamaaamaaa
cannot sit still- always moving (yeah!...not)

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