happy weekend!

 these two crack me up. they are trying to flash gang signs. 
thank you, uncle taylor.
this is my bus buddy. he watches the cars. he watches the bus. he grunts and drools a lot.
he eats grass. he also eats sidewalk chalk. 
i'm definitely thinking ivy league material.

lucy is sans picture. but she is taking off on her reading.
she finished stuart little all by herself.
and today she is almost done with charlotte's web. 
it makes me happy that we can talk and laugh about books together.

in other news we have grand plans with the Perrin family this weekend.
and it's General Conference! 
and april!
my favorite time of the year.

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my name is becky kelly said...

words are not enough to tell you how much i love that bathtub goggle picture. it is supurb.

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