my life is a wreck

i've had a lot of friends and aquaintances tell me lately, "i love you blog because you are honest!".  and why they read this thing and/or love it is beyond me. but i can say i do try to be honest. so in keeping up with that flavor, here is a picture of what the house usually looks like around 3pm. crazy huh? and how that sneaky little rupunzel got on the computer and took incriminating photos of it is beyond me.

and like it isn't bad enough that my house is a mess all the time, yesterday phoebe ran out into the road. and drew all over a library book and clothes with a permanent marker. and the day before she covered all her toys in baby powder and got into the can of paint.  super awesome mom award!!!

in other news, we are so excited for the 100TH ANNIVERSARY  of our Stake of our church here. We are celebrating by going to this on Saturday


Bowler Family said...

I don't think you should be handed the "super awesome mom award". I think Phoebe needs the "really smart 2 year old who knows EXACTLY when mom is distracted" award!! Ella had that award. And I didn't even have another kid to distract me!!

Tiffany said...

Hahaha Phoebe sounds as naughty as Ella! And this is what my house looked like last night when the Relief Society Pres dropped by. AGH! Motivated me to stay up til 1 AM cleaning because I was so embarrassed!

(PS Your mess isn't really THAT bad and I'm sure 90% of homes with young kids look like that at any given time of the day!)

jes said...

dear annie, you write my favorite blog on the internet.
the end.

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