the swing

one of the selling points of our home was a 100 year old salt cedar tree in the backyard. it is, as phoebe would say, hoomungus!  it reminds of the tree house in the movie, The War. the girls love it, their friends love it, i love/hate it. they have so much fun in there but i can't not think worst case scenario when they are up there.

since rodney was born there was a lot of unsupervised swinging going on during nursing sessions. phoebe would go into the tree house and i never thought anything of it, until last monday. ty and i went up into the tree and saw what all the girls could do.
abby is the graceful swinger. smooth, soft, gentle.
phoebe grabs onto the rope and just flings herself out there. i don't think she knows the girls sit on the swing. i can't believe how high she flies up there. total horrible mom moment. she is fantastically fearless. 
lucy is the master. she can do a bunch of tricks. she can touch the wire. 
she can hog the swing really well.
after watching all the girls swing so happily, i felt better. until the next day when phoebe was swinging barefoot with just a t-shirt and a diaper. we are so white trash now.


Cathy said...

Oh my goodness. I found your blog today and I've read backwards for hours. I'm at your birthday now. What a cute family. I think we could be friends. You're a lot like me...except I have 2 kids and I'm almost 40. AND I love Pinterest too. Who doesn't?

Keshia Phill said...

Oh Annie. I love to read your blog. My goal is to someday be able to update mine at least 4 times a week. Right now I'm doing good with twice a month. P.S. Loved the white trash comment. Made me laugh. I feel the same way and I only have 2 kidlets as of yet...So we both know it's all going to go down hill from there. I think at some point I will just have to pick my favorite and he/she will get the bath for the day. See. White Trash here I come!

Trent & Tara said...

what a cute post. oh man looks like Evelyn would love it as well. we might be sneaking over there soon:D

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