10 months

he's laughing
he's crawling
he can pull up onto his knees
he can say "dada", and he means "dada"
he can say, "eddie" (how sad is that?)
he eats big people food
he poops big people poops
he takes a bottle at bedtime and nurses during the day
he is a champion car rider
he loves toys and playing with new toys ( i have rotate more often then i did with the girls)
he is fascinated with buttons, knobs, levers, wheels, jewelry, and animals.
he rocks his little chubby body when music is on.
we is wearing 18-24month clothing (thank you tiff!)
he knows who his grandmas are (all 4 of them) and leaps out of my arms to them
he is really hard to hold and walk around with (23lbs!)

his favorite activity? squirming out of my arms. even my mother in-law said, "i think he is the hardest baby i have ever held". i told ty it's like trying to hold on to a greased little piglet. he squirms and worms because he just wants to get down and PLAY! my arms are literally aching by the time ty gets home from work. but no worries, once daddy comes home rodney wants absolutely nothing to do with me. and i'm ok with that : )


Melanie said...

Wodney!! :)

And it looks like you had so much fun at the fair! One day we've got to visit during the fair...

Trent & Tara said...


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