999th (Easter 2012)

we have had a lovely Easter Sunday today. my favorite part was wearing my Grandma's dress to church. *note to self* still a little too tight to wear to church and wrestle monkeys in.

we hunted for eggs, pigged out on candy and chocolate, had a relaxing dinner while phoebe slept!, dropped off dinner to a dear friend. watched Megan win Cupcake Wars! and now i have a few peaceful moments while ty visits with great grandma and grandpa on the hill with the girls.


 *aunt danna swung by for 20 minutes and took great photos of us!


Lara H. said...

Love your girls dresses, and yours! You have such a beautiful family! Happy Easter!

Rachelle said...

I love that picture of Phoebe where she looks like she's giving herself the Heimlich. It's a good blackmail picture

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