life is like a DIY project

my laundry room is a hallway/storage room/walkway to the bedrooms space.
you can see it from the kitchen and family room.
it is small.
it needed help.

for any mom's of young kids you know that that entails loads of laundry. literally. LOADS.  i've been begging ty for (years now) us to finish it. he finished the one storage side in oct 2010 and it's fantastic. gorgeous goldenrod colored shelves to store everything from extra vases, canning supplies and jars of canned cherries.

but the other side? blank, patched up wall. water heater. washer, dryer. barf. not exactly fun to stand in and fold laundry. i usually just grab it out of the dryer and run for my life. but after angela's laundry inspiration (6 kids. 4 boys!) i knew i needed to have a happy place to fold the laundry. not perfect...happy.

so the grand plans of renovations were put to practice for our anniversary. and here's a little DIY secret- it never is like those stupid shows. the paint will almost always be the wrong color. the electrical wiring is always messed up. the room is not square. the kids are all underfoot. a few swear words are thrown. things are messy.

after ty finished fixing the wiring (we currently had two laundry room lights side by side?) we planned to install beadboard ceiling, because it looked so cool on pinterest. blah! what a mess. what a stress. never install beadboard ceiling for your anniversary present because it makes you want to throw each other out of a moving vehicle.

long story short- with a little help from trent, it was finished being installed. the sides are uneven. there are screws instead of small finishing nails. it looks messy. but this is not my first DIY rodeo. and i know that with a little spackle, caulking, paint and trim- the ceiling is going to look fantastic! and that's the picture you see on pinterest, the finished and meticulous project. not the hairy, fight inducing mess that it is for 90% of the time.

so the point of this story is this: nothing is like it seems on TV. and i mean, nothing. life, just like diy projects, is messy and has twists and turns you never expected.  but we forgive each other for being stupid. and with a little smile and a few laughs- it all will look beautiful in the end. and we still love each other at the end of the day. usually.


Trent & Tara said...

looks so fabulous, I didn't realize you were putting it in there. Awesome looks great with the ceiling. I am really wanting to do something to our popcorn ceiling now....ugg. You have really transformed your house so much. I look up to your decorating skills!!

Trent & Tara said...

look up to you on decorating skills

Jordan and Jandee said...

Wish I could see it in person, I'm sure it is lovely -- more pictures please!

angela michelle said...

Ooh, I was inspiration! Those yellow shelves are fantastic. I agree--either Mark and I are total DIY losers or those shows are totally unrealistic. (Hm, maybe both?) Our projects are always more roadblock than not.

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