the perrin's visit was a little later then expected, so saturday morning before conference we did what any other family with 2.5 acres does. we went to work. the girls love it when daddy brings the back hoe home.
our yard has an incredible amount of...potential.  the trees do look a gadzillion times better after all the pruning ty did this winter. yes, a gadzillion. 
rodney loves that stinking backhoe. it amazes me how a baby so little can already be obsessed with machinery
i could nom nom on those chubby arms and thighs all day. oh wait, i do.
we caught one picture of the cousin's visit during breakfast. the kids had a fantastically fantastic time visitng, and of course, swinging in the tree. stephanie and i chit chatted the entire time they were here and the dad's went for a little hike. we all made delicious plans for our 20th anniversaries (our weddings are a year and a week apart).
our little home in hidden hollow loves it when friends come and stay.  you should come too, we have an awesome guest room with 2 twin beds, a crib and a bath. hint hint.
conference was perfect. just when i start to get down and think life is going in the crapper, i get to hear countless talks that life is beautiful, God loves me and i have a limitless amount of potential to be better. and how is that not a perfect message for all of us?

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Emily said...

Your sweet Rodney has the cutest profile ever! What an adorable little chubs. I love the feeling that your little home in hidden hollow radiates, even over these electronic lines. Hooray for a wonderful Conference!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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