to our eddie

this is a sad post. i didn't think i would be sad when the day came when we would lose our dog, but i also thought that day would be around 10 years from now. but tonight a good friend called us to let us know that eddie was hit by a car in front of our house. blast that stupid fluffy dog!  his one weakness was cars.  he had been in the house with ty and the kids all afternoon happily eating up rodney and phoebe's wake of leftovers. when i called him, poor ty was putting the kids to bed while i was out on the town with sarah. and he had to go through the painful process of seeing eddie hurt and dying. luckily we have great neighbors who came and peacefully put eddie out of his misery (thank you thank you thank you mark). ty just couldn't do it. and i don't blame him. i'm grateful i didn't see it myself.

but enough about the sad part. eddie was the most retarded and yet endearing dog i ever knew. he loved EVERYBODY!  he was the happiest and most hyper thing in this valley. 2 acres just wasn't enough for him and he could keep up with the longest hikes and fastest runs. (i'm sad because i was just getting ready to run again with him). he was gentle with the kids and very protective of our house and property. the entire town knew that fluffy dog. my favorite story was one day ty was driving down to the hardware store, and he told eddie "stay home!". well, ty pulled up into the parking lot and started to talk with his friend in the parking lot, and he said, "hey, isn't that your dog?". and across the street there was eddie. sitting and waggin' his tail watching ty.  he was fastest than all get out. ty still doesn't know how he got there so quick.

i think we could all learn something from eddie. he was fiercely loyal and loving. no matter what. i feel badly that he was at the bottom of the totem pole as far as attention went- the kids come first. but we did love him, and we will all miss him. and i'm crying right now over that dog. and i never thought i would! he drove me crazy all the time!  but i did love him. i especially loved all the nicknames we had for him. our favorites include:

edward (in a saucy voice for edward cullen)
that stupid dog!
special ED

         puppy eddie and lucy. oh how those girls are going to cry tomorrow morning.
ty and eddie last spring
                   eddie ready for a haircut last week. he always patiently guarded my painting projects.

*ps* we just buried him in the field with his favorite chew toys, 2 tennis balls and a deer horn (he loved to carry it around).  i'm still crying, darn it.
*eddie's famous blog entry is here


Trent & Tara said...

so sorry to hear that Annie, hope the can get on with life without him:(

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Annie. Hugs from me for you all. I understand the heartbreak of loosing a pet you didn't know you cared so much about.

Anonymous said...

I have cried a few(lots & lots) over stuped dogs also Dude was our best and he just got so old couldn't see or hear It was my job to take him to the vet. to have him put down.I'm crying now Love grandma L

my name is becky kelly said...

It's so annoying how attached we get to our stinkin dogs! Sorry. Shanan said he heard Nate Bradford on the call... He feels badly, had he known it was you he would have headed that way and helped...

my name is becky kelly said...

Correction: hate boss, not Bradford...

Jed Wheeler Family said...

May Edwardo RIP I thought he was a very clever poochie. Your post made me shed a tear for the furball myself.

Laurie Smith said...

My worst nightmare. My Woodrow thinks every car is going to stop, roll open their door, and pet him. One time he jumped into the animal control truck (through the open window.) So so sorry Anniebaby. Rest in peace little Eddie dog.

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