when the stomach bug hits your house

when baby lucy got sick i looked in the books, googled and webmd'd every symptom and worried and worried and fretted and fretted. i remember taking her to the doctor because she had a temperature of a 102! i was positive she was going to die.   once when she was 14 months she got the stomach flu, and threw up all. day. long. by the time ty came home from work she was lethargic and unresponsive. every time we gave her water or a bottle she would just throw up even more. so we took her to the emergency room. ( i can't even imagine doing that nowadays.) we must have looked so silly to the doctor. they checked her out, and came back with a...popsicle. yup, she was just dehydrated and needed a little sugar. it perked her right up in about 20 minutes.

that was the most expensive popsicle i've ever purchased.

fast forward 6 years later and only a missing eyeball or broken limb could warrant a trip to the er.  when the fevers spike, and symptoms pile up, we just use the 72 hour rule (thank you bill). if they aren't better or their symptoms become worse by 72 hours, then you can start to worry (a little).

yesterday, we came down with the stomach flu. apparently it's making its way around the neighborhood. rodney was hit hard first. poor little dude was so confused but took it like a champ. it was nice for me because he was snuggly again and napped on my lap. my mom called to offer moral support and ask what i could do to make him better and i said, "trust me mom, i know exactly how to take care of this." because we've been blessed with a family of pukers, i know once it hits to cover their crib and couch with towels. get a bowl out and play with baby on the ground by it.  we take lots and lots of baths and we give tiny sips of water every 20 minutes. if they keep down that water we try a bite of dry toast or cracker and wait 20 minutes. if they keep that down we can try more liquids and cracker. but usually, they can't handle any more than that for several hours. and once daddy comes home it is time for a popsicle. their tummies have settled down enough, and they are ready for some sugar and electrolytes and some BRAT diet. bananas, rice, applesauce and dry toast. works like a charm.

today rodney is feeling great. and daddy and abby are down with it hard. such is life. i think next week is a perfect time to shampoo the carpets and couches don't you?


Tiffany said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Annie! I hope no one else gets it. (Especially you, because we all know that when mommy's sick life has to keep moving). I so agree about the worrying/relaxing thing that happens the longer you are a mom.

Bowler Family said...

Girl, you need to move out for week and set off a lysol bomb!! Out of all the nasty sickness that can oversome a person I think stomach flu is THE WORST!! And if Ty has it, man-stomach flu is even worse!! Hang in there!! Hope next week is disease free!!

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