apples and trees

i don't post pictures of the older girls very much, or talk a lot about their personal things. 
does this mean i don't love them as much as the babies? probably.
 just kidding! oh my gosh my mom just died a thousand deaths when she read that. i'm just joking mom! i dont' post a lot because they are older and i keep their lives more private.

but lucy, boy. she is amazing. 

 this summer she has taken off in her swimming. breast stroke is great, practicing freestyle. she is jumping and loving everything about swimming. thank goodness, she started off in april with a life jacket still. no, joke.

this year she was the first 1st Grader in the School's history to earn 250 accelerated reader points.
the first!

 she misses her teacher and staff at the school. she misses school. what? who's child is this? seriously though, school is the best thing that ever happened to this girl. she loved mrs. wilson, mrs. wheeler and mr. hardy of the library. they were her cheerleaders and support to reach her goal. i know they were just as proud of her as i was. we are going to miss Mrs. Wilson. what a great teacher!

lucy misses school so much we have practice spelling tests on a daily basis. and she makes charts and organizes her thoughts on paper. this apple rolled far away from my tree.

because our lucy girl is definitely going places, and i'm excited to watch.


Melanie said...

Way to go Lucy!!! :)

And Rodney looks so cute in the car.

Kay Hardy Barlow said...

Hey that's my son's name on the plaque (yeah-I didn't even know he was in a "point club" or had his name on a plaque-6th child syndrome) and my bro in the pic. Lucy is a smartie-pants- watch out :)

Whitney Baldwin said...

Way to go Lucy! Rock on, smartie-pants.

Travis & Natalie Nelson said...

Trent had to tell us everyday day how close she was to getting to her goal. I think it's amazing that she did it. We will also miss Mrs. Wilson.

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