the good, the bad, the ugly

the bad:
-i wrote friday's post early on in the day, before i got a call from ty that he was sick again and coming home. oh joy!  rodney still was rocking the diapers with the runs, and because of it we are almost out and i don't have a costco run planned till next week. bah.

-i'm trying a 3 day detox to calm my sugar/carb cravings and get healthy. oh my gosh, the smoothies taste like GARBAGE. but you know what? i feel fantastic.  so i've figured it out, if food tastes delicious and sugary=i will feel horrible in 30 minutes.  if food tastes like grass clippings and yuck=i will feel awesome in 30 minutes.  hopefully i can balance out a little where the healthy stuff tastes better.

-phoebe is always stripping down naked. and when she's naked she uses the toilet like a pro. and then, out of the blue, she'll say, "i need my diaper back on!" and the first time she said that i thought, "oh great, where is the surprise?" but she really had just gone on the potty. so, who knows about this girl and the potty stuff. it's confusing and i'm trying to stay out of it. i caved a little and bought training underwear, but she had an accident in them right away. she prefers being nude, thank goodness it's summer. but we do know that i call her, "laaady godiiiiva!"
this was her outfit she wanted friday. notice the shoes on wrong feet.
the good:

speaking of naked-  i found this stud playing the piano the other day. and yes, he piddled right after this.

-we rescued quail eggs from a raided nest a month ago. i almost threw them out several times (because they stunk to high heaven), but on wednesday afternoon lucy ran into the kitchen, "MOM! something is peeping!" i ran with her back into her room. and sure enough, as soon as lucy started talking a little "peep peep" would come out from one egg! i really couldn't believe it and called ty with the good news. that night we all watched as this little miracle worked on getting out of his egg. he really struggled and the next day we found out he was too dry and kind of stuck. we put a large dish of water in the incubator to up the humidity, and sure enough he popped out within the hour. cute little baby quail! ty and i held it and watched tv and cooed at it. the next morning i checked on it and it was a little furry fluff ball, just like the ones you see rolling across the road here behind their parents.

-ty bought a huge pizza last night after adult stake conference and cooked it right before me. i can admit, i was a completely tempted to restart my detox the next day and eat that entire thing! but i abstained and feel so proud! and clean! (plus, i really don't want to choke down those smoothies longer than 3 days. blech)

-last week lucy and i celebrated her reading accomplishments with a mommy daughter date. it was a lot of fun and a much needed tlc for our relationship.

-we had stake conference this morning and i ran into cate's (and candi's, and ginny's and kory's) mom. so fun! (btw, she looks so young you guys! lucky genes). and i will tell the world that our kids were SO good the entire 2.5 hours. it was a small little miracle my friends. it definitely helped that grandma and grandpa leavitt sat by us (and taryn and shane). rodney would only have made it half that long with just me and daddy.

the ugly:
-after chores that morning and lots of diarrhea diapers, i went to check on baby quail (i named him gunther) again....and...he had drowned in the dish of water. i know, it was horrible. i'm glad i was alone, it was not pretty. poor wee little quail baby. i even tried a little chest pumps to see if i could resuscitate (what was i thinking?) and then buried it out by eddie. in case you wondering, yes, all the girls cried.

-do you know how often you are supposed to move your bowels? seriously, i just asked that. i bet you should be going more often then you probably are.  i can't believe i'm talking about poo on here. sheesh. but for reals, research into it a little bit. this poo talk here was a little informative.  because if you are dehydrated your body will absorb the moisture from your bowels (i.e. sewer water- yuck) but seriously, dehydration is huge! drink your agua my friends. lots and lots of it.


Meka said...

That really neat you got to see a baby quail hatch! Too bad about the water :(. I was going to tell you, after your detox, there are soooooo many yummy healthy dessert recipes out there. My favorite is probably the raw brownie
I still enjoy sweet things but I haven't had refined sugar in over 6 months, the raw brownie makes this possible.... it's so good! I hope you try it!

Bowler Family said...

If you don't mind sharing, would you email me the detox details? I don't know if it costs you anything so I don't want to mooch it from you!! But I'm really interested!! And include your results and good stuff like that!!

Terril Family said...

I would love the detox info too!

Also, sorry about the sickness. Same bug hit our house this week. Poop has also been a topic of discussion at our house this week. And although I don't know how often you are supposed to go, I do know that my children are going way more than is healthy right now!

Annie Leavitt said...

meka! i will definitely be making those brownies TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!! thanks for the link. i have marked a lot of your recipes to start trying out : ) thank you for your great blog!

i guess i will blog about the detox stuff so everyone can know. i've already lost 4 lbs of water weight in just 2 days. crazy huh?

Annie Leavitt said...

here are the links about the detox for you girls: i don't have time to blog yet:

i'm also doing the LDS church's 12 step program with the free manual. for food addiction: it has been a tremendous help to me spiritually.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the links. I love your blog. Sorry about the quail. We had our dog eat one that was brand new hatched. Very sad but I hope it helps kids learn about death, I guess :)

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