instagram among other things

-although i have abstained from internet for a few days, i can't get off of instagram. i love it! it's the new facebook i tell you. i can feel in touch and stay in touch with friends all over the country without knowing their political affiliation and how many games they play online.  find me at anniecleavitt

-i am sad about my boobs. don't get me wrong, we had a national geographic subscription growing up, so i knew that sagging just came with age, gravity, and kids. but the shrinkage? that is just wrong. ty said that my chest had false advertising when we got married.

-speaking of ty, he's at scout camp. i haven't showered in 2 days. rodney is sick so we've just watched tv straight and done nothing.

-our dvd player broke that we just purchased in january. thanks to lovely COSTCO! (i love costco) we returned it in 5 seconds and had to purchase a new one. except all they have now is fancy shmancy ones. so...we now get netflix through our tv and the girls are so excited they can barely stand it.

-a month ago i got down the "box". you ladies know what i'm talking about, your "small clothes". and guess what? they all fit...except the non-stretchy pants. what? i really thought not eating sugar would help me out a little in the patootie area! (fyi that's not why i cut out sugar). somehow rodney changed my leg and derrier shape. is that possible?  (ps- i hate it when healthy people scream "I LOST WEIGHT!" and the rest of the world is going, "omgoodness if i have to listen to how fit you are one more time i'm going to suffocate you with marshmallow creme").  i can say this because, i haven't lost weight. not one pound...but things are fitting. except for those saddlebags. oh well.

-we are loving watching the olympics! we have also had a few injuries from gymnastics and volleyball mishaps in the living room. the funniest clip of the olympics so far? the rowing events. man, they are just working so hard. pull, push, pull, push. concentrations is just oozing from their pores, and then in the background shot, you see old guys on these bikes going the exact same speed, except they are barely peddling, like la la lee la dee da. hilarious to me! (but i have a strange sense of  humor)

-i am having a hard time squeezing in more workouts (shooting for 5-6 a week instead of 3). i am just really fighting making the time. then again, phoebe and rodney are like having twins. so....something's gotta give and i happily let it be my workouts. i have never liked Crossfit very much, but it is becoming more and more appealing just because it is SO FAST. 30 minute work out? yes please!

-i stumbled upon this radio show last week in the car and i loved it. by the time we pulled into the driveway i couldn't stop laughing and phoebe's all "you ok mommy? It funny mommy?"  you can listen here

* i keep telling myself that once these two fart knockers get older my life will be easier. but...what if it won't be? ahhhhhh!


now, go...stop...drop...PAUSE

my cousin katie's husband Alberto Reyes' blog is here
he posts beautiful pictures of NYC everyday.

i need an internet break. for all the awesome things on here that i can find and read, i also spend a lot of wasted minutes of the day browsing. yesterday i painted 3 baseboards in 10 minutes! 10 minutes is like one facebook photo album perusal.

i'll be back in a week or less, i just have to get a break and a little perspective. also i've learned something new this week: have you noticed that motherhood is the only job where it's socially acceptable (dare i say required) to say you stink at it, or deny any compliments on your abilities. has anyone else noticed this? do you ever hear a teacher say, "OH! i'm just so horrible at teaching. all the other teachers are better than me and my classroom is a complete mess."  or an accountant exclaiming, "i'm definitely the worst accountant in this office. i'll never be as good as x,y and z."

seriously, the whole lot of us mothers constantly talk about how crappy we are. how dirty the house is. how we yell at our kids. i'm definitely including myself in this, we just complain and complain and complain. i've recently read some stuff on how negative thoughts breed negative behavior. and in turn, positive thoughts produce positive behavior. so for this week, why not try having a little meditation time each morning and repeating, "i'm a great mom! and we are going to have fun today. and i'm going to get this and this done too."

i bet you it will help us all out. 


the boy room

when we moved into our house, ty's dream came true of having his own "office". he worked hard on it and got it exactly the way he had envisioned. then we found out we were pregant again. for 9 months i joked with him that if it was a boy i already had a nursery all decorated and waiting. well, aren't all jokes really based on truth?

lucky for me, ty is an antique collector, and as you will see, the boy nursery is as macho as can be without screaming, "MACHO!"  and i like that kind of macho.  behold, rodney's nursery:
the only  quiet place in the entire house, rocking in that mammoth of a chair.
trent and tara gave us the dining curio- ty sanded it, painted it and removed the 70's barb wire grids in the windows.
 the dynamite box lid above the door is my favorite detail of the room
 name those baseball legends
 of course ty made and stained the shelves. it's sickening.
 antique fishing lures from great great grandpa rodney and uncle emerson
hanging on a dynamite box
 the sign my mother in law made from rodney's baby shower, i just couldn't get rid of it.
baseball heaven
ty finds mining treasures all the time. 
  and sadly, there is a dead beast in the room. 
and sadly, it's rodney's favorite thing to point and scream at.
 the freefiftyfree crib- phoebe sleeps in the other one. yes, we almost always have 2 cribs in the house.
cut out of the picture is the light switch (rodney's favorite toy to play with at bedtime.)
 right next to teddy ballgame


i ate my words for breakfast

let's just say, rodney and i DID not go for a walk, or swing or do any fun bonding time this morning. he watched tv from the high chair with lucy while he ate his breakfast and i slept. and then i moved him into his play pen (prison) and slept another hour while he played. i was, and still am a total zombie.

see last night rodney woke up at 2am in some kind of hysterics. it almost seemed like a night terror (we've never experienced those yet but i hear they're horrible). he never wakes up in the night so i made him a bottle and put him to sleep. i went into the kitchen and decided to make ty's lunch instead of waking up in 2 hours to do it. i open the spice cupboard for the dill weed (favorite spice to say ever) for the tuna sandwich and VOILA! an army of ANTS. oh, if anything makes my skin crawl it's ants (and mouse turds).

so from 2:30am to 4:30 am i attacked with all my vigor. ok, a majority of the time i was looking at dresses for Taryn's wedding. but after i had wiped and sprayed and wiped and sprayed,  i felt confident they were all gone. until this morning.  bah!!!! snakes on a plane!!!!

i've never had ants in my kitchen, so i guess i was due. but still, i know ty's going to come home and say, "see, i told you to wipe up that honey". grrrrr.

in other news, dani and zach's funeral was wonderful yesterday. somehow i got roped into the news? i shared a lot about dani jo, and what a great person she was. of course they only use a few clips. but she was a great example and it was humbling to see how many people were there to honor her. i cried the entire funeral. the entire time.  and to add a little pettiness in, i really thought i put a lot of make up on that day. but once i saw the video i looked like nothing is on at all. i need help danna.

i have been trying to savor the little moments more. one thing i enjoy doing is the girls' hair. lucy lets me do it every morning bright and early. the other two i have to hog tie and wrestle down to get finished. thank goodness abby has a bob now.
phoebe snapped this during vacation.


early mornings

rodney can't seem to get out of his baby schedule. and when school was still in it was kind of difficult, but once summer came it was driving me crazy. he goes to bed between 5-5:30pm. i know, i know, crazy talk. 
but that means he wakes up between 5:30-6am.

i decided to turn lemons into lemonade, and instead of moaning and lying on the floor in my pajamas while he mauls me with toys and banana slices, we go for a walk. we walk several times around the house and then go swing. phoebe is always up by 7am. whether she goes to bed at 10pm or 6pm, she will be awake right on 7 o clock on the dot. the weather is still nice up until about 7:30. so we swing and swing and swing and catch roly poly's and explore. 
this morning i did a crossfit workout while rodney was swinging. he laughed and laughed at me, i'm glad i'm so entertaining. 

it's easy to get cabin fever around here from july to september. i highly recommend getting out early in the a.m. don't worry though, by 10am i'm sleeping on the couch while rodney naps and the girls kill each other with water color brushes.
i'm so grateful for my peaceful mornings.


the pen

 rodney loves playing in his prison play pen every day.
he can stand up all on his own but has yet to take a step.
he now has 8 teeth.
he has a mysterious rash on his mouth.
he also eats things off the ground on a minute to minute basis. 
so who knows what communicable disease he picks up down there?
my house is a giant petri dish.
hence, the pen.


taking one for the team

women all around the world read blogs every day. and every day most women compare themselves to the perfect world contained within each post. handsome husband. beautiful children. gorgeous custom home. high retail clothing and shoes. adopted children from ethiopa. you know, fairy tales.

well, not today my friends. today i am going to dispel the myth on this blog that i've got it going on. that i am a good mom, wife and neighbor. i'm going to share the dirty awful truth...

i'm a slob.

yup, total and complete one at that. poor ty didn't know what he was getting into when he drove me away from the ceremony. and to make it even worse? his mother is practically martha stewart (but not in the fraudulent way). perfectly clean home. dinner every night. uniforms washed and pressed. and bonus! my mom is clean, so he thought that, of course, his bride would be too.

he was wrong.

but, i am learning. and trying. and learning. and trying. and i'm going to throw myself in front of the bus by showing you a before and after.  you're going to take one look and feel a million times better about yourself. and i think you all deserve that this weekend.
 there are no words for this disaster. the bins were bought a year ago in an attempt to corral the clutter. we obviously still had issues though. like, check out my girls' mad book stacking skills. and the light bright in the polly and pony bin. they can sort like it's their job! i spent over an hour putting together puzzles and trying to find missing pieces. america is still missing south dakota and north carolina. no one really needs to know those ones though right?

so obivously, we got rid of a lot of things. and i still have to sort through a majority of the bins. but oh my goodness, we can breathe again. and the girls are putting things away. and i didn't threaten their lives with horrible food for a month if they didn't pick up last night. we are making progress. (we'll see how this looks in a month). i still have to label the ballet costume box and extra book box. but hey, it's a little better. and i'm sure some left brained mom is going to see this and say, "pshaw! you call that organized? disgusting."  it's cool. i can do a triple pirourette. can you?


like a thief in the night

lately we have been surrounded by loss, and the possibility of loss. death is something we know, for a fact, will happen to each one of us. but life gets busy, priorities slide, we forget what is in important, we take life for granted. we think things will last forever.

a few weeks ago a friend lost their little boy a few hours old. then our dear friends lost their baby mid-pregnancy. all this happening while we at home were silently facing the ugly, two headed monster called cancer. tyson's dad was diagnosed with cancer around 8 weeks ago. luckily, surgery was last week and the dr's are hopeful it is gone. and we started to sigh a sigh or relief, because what would we do without his dad? what do you do when you lose a parent?

and just when we start feeling safe, our friends the Bolton's lose their grandfather in an accident. you can read kathryn's lovely words here. and yesterday, our classmate and friend Dani lost her life along with her baby boy's in a tragic auto accident. leaving behind her husband, two other boys and family. just like that...gone.

our prayers went out for her family last night. for her husband, who will raise those two boys alone now.  for her sweet parents who are grieving. for her siblings her loved her so. i can't think of one time where i saw dani not being kind and loving. from the first time i met her at basketball tryouts (bless her sould she tried to help me with my poor hand eye coordination) and from sunday when we waved at each other in the church hallway. she was a wonderful mother and friend to all. i'm pleased that she is at peace today. death is hardest on those left behind.

 ty and i were somber last night. and looked in on our children, and hugged each other tighter. and vowed to do what was important first, and leave the rest for later. dani and her angel on her lap may have left this life full of grief and pain, and left their mortal bodies. but they will be together again as a family. and for this knowledge, i am extremely grateful. families can be together forever.


this and that

we've really been enjoying these fish tacos lately. fyi: ty had never eaten fish tacos before...ever.

interesting article on mormons by an ex-mormon.

thanks to my sister in law melanie, i've found the perfect summer shoe for busy moms.

i haven't followed a tv  series since bedrest with baby #3, but i'm love this year. 3 ballet dancers. THREE! and with my dvr i can easily skip all commercials. boo. yeah.

probably the best cooking tip of all time. throw away your forks ladies. *it really works!

i still take these prenatals every day. these ones have changed my life, no joke. i will take them till the day i die. they even sell them here at our local health store (they're on sale too. hurry!).

ty is a scoutmaster and needs donations for all the local troops. not money though! he needs bmx bikes for scout camp in a week! they can either be lent or donated. please help! email me at anniecleavittatgmaildotcom.

free personality test. hit me right on the mark. waiting for ty to try it out. hehehe.

my favorite male dancer on sytycd  series this year (besides the ballet dancers) is a animation dancer named cyrus.
the same name as my Great Grandpa Gold.

dear sugar,

guess what? i don't really miss you. i know that's hard to hear, but i wanted you to hear it first from me. we had good times, me and you. but you treated me badly, you were always so unkind in the end. how can someone that looks so innocent and fun be so cruel?

i guess some questions are never meant to be answered.

i've never felt so happy and free before. every day is beautiful to me and i can't wait to meet it. your chains aren't holding me down anymore.

i also wanted to let you know that there is someone new in my life. his name is...bread. i think you know him? you two went to school together back in the day.

i wish you well in your life, but i hope you'll leave other people alone from now on too until you can learn to be kind.

a confused lover

*to be continued.


the sacred sunday nap

lucy committed the cardinal sin of sunday two weeks in a row, she woke me up from my nap.

if there is anything parents hold dear after going to 3 hours of church, it is the SUNDAY NAP. it holds a special place in both of ty and my hearts. over the last 6 weeks the two babies have morphed into this awesome schedule of sleeping 3 hours after church. tres horas!  so ty and i are getting pretty spoiled by now that we are for sure, most definitely, getting a little sleep eye on the sabbath. and if that's not keeping the day holy i don't know what is.

so last week she woke me up, yelling!, to tell me that something was horribly wrong with abby's foot (she had a blister). yesterday it was to ask me if she could (please now!) watch the new american girl doll movie. what? a movie?  and i feel badly, because when she wakes me up from those naps i turn into mad madam mimm. do not mess with a sleeping momma bear. oh! my whole afternoon was awful.

in hindsight though, i realize that it's just karma. i  deserve to be woken up from a thousand naps after what i did to my dad one sunday. first of all, let me say that this was my brother bill's idea, and not mine. but i was his partner in crime.

somehow, one sunday we (the three little kids, but sarah was innocent) found ourselves in the possession of a video camera. probably one of our married sibling's that they left at the house. i remeber those sunday afternoons when mom and dad napped and you had to be so quiet! for like, forever! and i was so incredibly bored to tears!  (hahahaha, now i make my kids do that). so bill comes up with this brilliant screenplay in his mind. we were going to scare my dad and suddenly wake him up from his nap and catch it on video. brilliant! i smelled oscar material. so we set up the stage of me by the stairway banister (that is that curly cue 70's metal of course), a hammer, billy and the camera.

"ok, when i hit the bar you need to yell really loud "ow! ow! ow!" and then i'll run in and catch hime waking up."  the plan was set. the hammer swung..TWANGGGGG it rang throughout the whole house. "ow! ow! ow!!!!!!! ow!!!!!! owwwww!!!!!!!" i screamed. and i'm sure i was going way over the top with my lines, because, well, that's just what i do.

(now at this point, i can't remember if i ran behind billy to see my parents' faces or if he was solo) billy runs down the hall, opens their door, "dad! mom! annie hit her leg really hard!!!" and oh my goodness, i'm surprised we are still alive to retell the story. can you even imagine what my parents' felt? i would have chopped my children into little pieces and shipped them overseas if they did that. i don't remember what happened to us as far as punishment (or maybe i blocked it out). but i know we never woke them up, ever again. to this day i will still never wake them up from a nap, but that's more out of respect and empathy. if i'm this tired at the end of the week at 30, i can't even imagine at 70 what it's going to be like.

so dad, sorry about that. and lucy, sorry i yelled at you yesterday. but for the love, stop waking me up!
july 5th, 2012 salt lake city.


a rainy weekend

after the fourth of july, the weather turns from bad to ugly around here. and every mid july i scream "i'm never living here another summer!". and the next july i'm just suffering all over again. but, oh! it rained yesterday. beautiful rain. we let the kids stay up late and run around in the front yard, yielding umbrellas and poking each others eyes out with them.  i did not want to go and teach zumba, i wanted to just stay outside all night long.

i still went and taught, and i'm going to enjoy this overcast and humid day. i don't care that my bangs are revolting against the weather, it's glorious.

some news for the weekend:

scary news about chickens and antibiotics (more fodder for ty that we NEED our own chickens)

i really love reading these honest posts

i'm 6 weeks into sugar free on saturday. 6 weeks! ( i think? it might be 7)
 i've never felt so fantastic in my life

ty and i went and saw moonrise kingdom. we loved it.

i actually planned out an entire week of dinner meals, and bought  the groceries for them. this hasn't happened for a long time my friends.

i want to go spend the summer in kamas, utah at my grandparents' old house.
wouldn't that be perfect?


rites of passage

"c'mon guys, let's go!" i yelled again for the third time. everyone had put on their shoes, everyone was waiting to go, except phoebe. ty was trying to wrestle her out of the room so we could get in the car and head home. after spending almost 2 hours at the junk yard looking for car parts, he was spent.
it was the end of our trip, rodney was besides himself with overtiredness and on the edge of hysterics.

we were almost out the door. ty was coming with phoebe, when out of the side of my eye i see abby flying parallel to the ground. i hear a large thud. it takes a second to put two and two together, i slowly look over and see her head gashed against the brick fireplace. her eyes are a mile wide. i put down rodney as fast as possible, without dropping him. swooped down to abby, and pushed my hand, that luckily had a wipey in it, hard into the hole in her head and carried her to the bathroom. if there is any a time that i am calm and in control, it is in emergency situations like this. no crying, no hysteria, just calmness that washes over my body. ty and willow look for bandaids and butterfly bandages (thank heavens, i don't even have those at my house!).  "ok, abby" he says, "i'm just going to tape the owie back together alright?". she nods her head slowly. i take off the wipey (we're onto the 5th one by now), ty lifts up the butterfly, his eyes open too much, his face tightens, he looks at me, i bend over and look at the wound. it's too deep. not too wide, but way way way too deep.

and so, an hour later we have our first child with stitches. 7 to be exact.  we've had 2 trips to the ER, a NICU baby,  a few cases of nurse maid's elbow, 3 calls to poison control, one call to 911 (thanks phoebe) and now stitches. we are slowly becoming parents through all of these fiascos.

in other news we had a plumbing leak two weeks ago that was pricey, our new dvd player quit on us and our air conditioner went out in the family wagon again.  but isn't that just life? the adult life that your parents tried to protect you from? growing up i was always kind of aware what was going on in the house, when things broke, when money was tight, but ty was completely oblivious. he had in ideal childhood. i keep reminding him that all families go through this stuff. all families have 5 expensive things break within a month. all families have bills that never go away. all families have kids that bash their heads in 30 seconds before leaving for home. right? right? please tell me we aren't the only ones.

abby wanted this ice cream as her reward for extreme bravery in a scary situation. have you been there before? it was perfect for us because they had dairy free, sugar free options for moi!!! insert happy dance. i had rice milk, berries, almonds and agave nectar and felt like a normal person. i could get ice cream like everyone else!


the trip according to the kids

the second day of our trip i was exhausted and handed the camera over to phoebe (phoebe!) when she wouldn't stop whining about it. but in my defense, she was whining about it right in front of the sister missionaries i was talking to from russia and i just wanted her to clam up.  in case you ever need any parenting advice, just ask me. i'm pretty awesome.  abby and her took turns the rest of the day.
 but...i'm so glad i did. look at the pictures they took.
 amazing and captured moments i never would have thought of.
 the temple was going through some renovations and the round windows were open on the south side.
 in all her running away from me glory

 i've always wanted pictures of me from behind, thanks abby.

 a mighty miracle occurred after temple square, ty was so inspired he bought new dress pants!
ty, in a store, in a dressing room, trying on clothes? something i've never witnessed before in my life.

 this is our travel/disneyland stroller. it looks awful, but works wonderfully. 
 we totally terrorized the macy's in the old zcmi building. 

fyi, city creek was pretty neat, even if you don't buy anything besides mens church pants. but the coolest part of it? running into our friends the Hassells all the way from Arkansas! what are the odds?   i love running into people randomly, but the best part is when they are your close friends and you chat fro 20 minutes and feel like you picked up right where you left off. that's the hassells to us, great friends. we can't wait till they move back west (hint hint martin!).

the rest of the night was spent at the Shields' house as they graciously fed us dinner. they were probably sick and tired of us as the kids played for 4 hours. four hours and not one fight (at least to my knowledge).  thursday was a blessed day.


the parade

 i had no idea stephanie nielson was the grand marshall this year. that was neat.
 llamas. love the llamas.
 i just took pictures of the ones that made the girls go "ooh!"

 but this wagon was pulled by the largest mule i have ever seen. HUMONGOUS. 
 of course one of their favorites float was the ugliest one.

abby was brave and got high fives from tons of characters, like cosmo! seven brides for seven brothers, a byu cheerleader and much more. she would just hop up there like a pro (just like uncle taylor at dodger games)
then we went home and ty and rodney both got a 2 1/2 hour nap while i shopped and swam with the girls.  it was fun, but i'm still peeved i didn't get a nap during the trip dangit. oh well, i should be happy i didn't have to do dishes or laundry for 3 days and stop whining.

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