our old haunt

i can't count how many times i pushed a stroller or pulled a bike trailer over to the "botony pond" on 800 north. daddy would meet us for lunch there. we would always take friends and grandmas and grandpas there. and now it's gone all fancy pants on us with improvements (which i actually like, cuz your not stepping in gooey ducky doo doo all the time anymore).
we weren't planning on making a trip there during the week, but we ended up meeting uncle taylor for a pizza picnic and it was perfect. rodney and phoebe weren't fit for public outings anymore, so i relaxed on the blanket while the boys entertained the kids.
 the ice cream man in his creepy van pulled up at just the right moment. 
the lighting was perfect for pictures and i couldn't resist.

 rodney is so not good at posing with me.

 (yes mom, i'm still trying to get that stain out)

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