the parade

 i had no idea stephanie nielson was the grand marshall this year. that was neat.
 llamas. love the llamas.
 i just took pictures of the ones that made the girls go "ooh!"

 but this wagon was pulled by the largest mule i have ever seen. HUMONGOUS. 
 of course one of their favorites float was the ugliest one.

abby was brave and got high fives from tons of characters, like cosmo! seven brides for seven brothers, a byu cheerleader and much more. she would just hop up there like a pro (just like uncle taylor at dodger games)
then we went home and ty and rodney both got a 2 1/2 hour nap while i shopped and swam with the girls.  it was fun, but i'm still peeved i didn't get a nap during the trip dangit. oh well, i should be happy i didn't have to do dishes or laundry for 3 days and stop whining.

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